17 comments on “Octane Render 2022.1 for Cinema 4D R15-2023

  1. Can someone explain it to me please.
    Virustotal indicates that these files are infected. Is it dangerous to install this software for my PC?
    thank you

    • This is not released by Kurapica and I can confirm it comes from unknown Chinese sources which modified Kurapica’s original files, so use it at your own risk.

            • idk, it could be a plenty of keyloggers or.. nothing at all?
              guys with two and more PCs win in this situation because they just can use it without internet, but again, i think it’s possible for crack’s AIDS to infect any usb / external HDD’s that you connect to PC with this octane render installed.
              the ideal solution would be Kurapica or whoever cracked this – releasing original clean and safe version, because the “dirty” version is already available and working, in my case it was all fine on crappy rtx 3070 laptop.

  2. Works perfect for me in 2023.2.2. Thanks! Would also like to know where original Kurapica files are and how you know this comes from an unknown chinese source. Thanks anyway!

  3. Hey guys, I just made a crazy discovery. Reinstalled windows yesterday and after reinstalling C4D and Octane it would not work anymore (before the fresh install it did).
    Then i suddenly realized that I had turned on TPM because otherwise Win11 wouldn’t let me install it and after turning it off again in the BIOS everything worked like a charm again.

    So if anyone has any problems getting it working check your TPM settings!

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