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This years best short animated films – 743 MB

Here is to all of you animation and CG art lovers, Hope you enjoy it
Mirrors are welcomed , feel free to upload to your favorite host
We are here to share , and thats all about we care

Logorama ( winner ) – 225 MB
wallace and gromit a matter of loaf and death – 228 MB
The Lady and the Reaper – 188 MB
French Toast – 80 MB
Granny O Grimm s Sleeping Beauty – 91 MB

Vtc Complet Shake 4.1 Tutors

Welcome to VTC’s tutorial on Shake 4. My name is Kalika Kharkar. In this course, we will cover the new features in Shake 4, the system requirements and an introduction to nodes. In the orientation section, we will learn how to open Shake for the first time. The Viewer, Tool Tabs, and Node View, the parameters, the Color Picker, Pixel Analyzer, and time Bar, the Curve Editor, Audio Panel, and time View, and the Command Line, Help, Title Bar, and Top Menus. Using the interface: here we will learn how to view images, how to use the Nodework Space, working with parameters and globals, how to view channels and compare buffers, and navigation and keyboard shortcuts. In the section on File In and File Browser, we’ll learn how to use the File In Node, using the browser, importing different file formats, how to replace footage, and basic retiming with the File In.

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Gnomon – Blur Studio, The Making of Warhammer Online

Blur Studio shares details of the production process behind the Warhammer Online:
Age of Reckoning cinematic trailer.

Blur Studio, The Making of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Trailer

Filmed December 4th, 2008 at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects

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3ds Max? Techniques | The Emergence of the Architectural Film in Architectural Animation

Using the language of filmmaking, visual effects, motion design, and architectural illustration, explore elements of pre-production such as pre-visualization and animatics

Animation with a heavy emphasis on camera moves
Post-production techniques including rendering, creating and using matte passes, and utilizing render passes

The class uses a “movie-breakdown” and “shot-breakdown” approach to illustrate the various methods

There is also some discussion of optimizing workflow with MAXScript, as well as scene and file organization Continue Reading