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Getting Started with Sculpting in Silo

Duration 2h 24m Level Beginner Project Files Included 15 FPS MP4

Silo has a great suite of modeling tools but with this tutorial we want to introduce you to another, often overlooked, aspect of the application and those are its sculpting tools.

Before we dive in and begin sculpting we will start the course by looking at how to quickly configure Silo to work in harmony with a Wacom Cintiq. This is the hardware I will be using throughout the tutorial but its important to state that you can easily follow along using a keyboard and mouse, or any other graphics tablet.

Once the environment is set we will then take a basic Hoola Girl model and work over each element, enhancing the surface detail using just the Paint Displacement tools.You can expect to learn with this tutorial that Silo is more than just a modeling package. Its sculpting tools may be basic, but with time and effort you can achieve great results in a short amount of time.



Duration 4h 19m ?Difficulty Level Advanced ?Project Files Included ?2.04GB

In this training we are going to create a transforming vehicle. A car capable of both driving and

We will begin by fully building the vehicle from the body right down to the thrusters sitting on
its back. We will then apply a complete set of UVs which will enable you to bake key textures, as
well as paint dirt and details to bring it to life.

Once the car is built and colored we will then look at creating a simple rig to show the
transformation. Then finally apply advanced shaders like car paint, chrome, and glass.

What we hope to show you with this tutorial is that creating any vehicle, be that a car a van or
a plane, with a simple rig, doesn’t need to be a complicated task.

By the end of this tutorial you will have mastered the basic skills needed to build, texture,
animate and shade a complex vehicle. Skills which you can then improve and expand upon as you
work on many future projects.




Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Modeling a Cowgirl Character in Maya and Silo with Antony Ward

Advanced | 3h 05m | 1018 MB | Project Files 11 MB | Required Software: Silo 2.2, Maya 2012

In this tutorial we will explore how to build a stylised cowgirl character using subdivision surfaces. Throughout these lessons we will explore the use of subdivision surfaces to help us quickly create a stylized cowgirl character. We will begin with a base mesh before posing her and adding clothing and detail. The result will be a highly detailed model ready for textures and rendering that can be used in an illustration or even animation. Although we will primarily be using Silo throughout the tutorial, the techniques taught in these lessons can be followed along using any subdivision surfaces software.