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Gnomon School – Master Classes 2011: Realistic Creature Animation for Visual Effects with David Breaux

Advanced | 3h 06m | 670 MB | Required Software: Autodesk Maya

This course on creature animation for visual effects projects will focus on creating believable creature motion and performance through knowledge of real animals and using that knowledge to inform the movement of a fantasy creature. David Breaux will discuss some of his techniques for blocking, moving into rough animation, and finalization of a shot. He will also cover some approaches to thinking about the shots and tackling the multitude of issues that an animator is confronted with on a daily basis during production.



Gnomon School – Master Classes 2011: Advanced Visual Effects Techniques for Production with Wayne Hollingsworth

Advanced | 5h 13m | 1.49 GB | Required Software: Autodesk Maya, Nuke

In this class Wayne will be presenting three advanced fluid simulation and dynamic effects production techniques. The first technique will demonstrate how to set up a truly believable explosion. He will then move on to simulating a burning vehicle, introducing props and assets into the simulation. Lastly Wayne will show you how to correctly create composites for your fluid simulation by breaking them down into RGB passes.



With every major release of thinkingParticles new features are introduced, extending the power and flexibility of thinkingParticles by a magnitude, as compared to its predecessor. Release 4 represents a milestone in advancing the feature set.
Most of its new functionality was born out of the need for advanced technical effects that were required by several major block buster movie productions, such as: Roland Emmerich’s “2012” that was all about demolition and disaster, Director John Woo’s “Red Cliff” which had an epic ship battle of more than 4000 burning and crashing ships, and sequences in the movie GI Joe “Rise of the Cobra” that needed our development attention as well.

The x32 version only includes the x32 Physx Plugin. For x32, you must download both packages listed below. For x64 you only need to download the x64 package below.





Genre: E-learning
Very intuitive splint on modeling “Transformers” in this case, “Optimus Prime”.
Manufacturer: CGwhat
Year: 2009
Language: English



Vray 1.5 SP4a + VrayRT 1.5 SP1a for 3dsMax 2009-2010-11 (32/64bit) + Update1: Proper Vray RT 1.5 Sp1a crack + Update2:(32bit and 3dsmax 2009
versions added)

Vray 1.5 SP4a

It includes the following modified features:

•    Added support for projection mapping when doing texture baking;
•    Added new option to link the V-Ray VFB to PDPlayer;
And several bug fixes:

•    Turning off “Affect specular” for a dome light made it invisible to  reflections as well;
•    Fixed a crash when importing a particular .vrmesh file;
•    Fixed crash with VRayFastSSS2 material with VRayDirt map and a  standard light with VRayShadowMap;
•    The “prepass samples” option in the motion blur rollout did not  work;
•    Fixed stuck buckets with VRayEnvironmentFog and mesh gizmos;
•    Fixed issues with VRayEnvironmentFog and mesh gizmos with  modifiers;
•    User could not remove gizmos/lights from VRayEnvironmentFog;
•    ParticleFlow instancing did not render all mapping channels of  original mesh;
•    Fixed crash with VFB region render when region is outside of image;
•    Turned off by default the option to save the DR servers to the  scene (caused slowdown on scene save if servers are offline);
•    Fixed some licensing issues.




RS: Update2: (32bit and 3dsmax 2009 versions added)

3dsmax 2009 (32bit):


3dsmax 2009 (64bit):


3dsmax 2010-11 (32bit):

installation info:
1. Install plugin.
2. Replace vray20xx.dll and vrender20xx.dlr files.
(you need to replace dlr file only if you wish to fix presets load)

*Update3 – Vray RT for 3dsmax 2009 32/64Bit + 2010 32bit

Vray RT:

RT 0.10.20:

3dsmax 2010-11 (64bit) (Included vray RT):




installation notes:

1.install Vray_adv_1.5_SP4a
2.insatll VrayRT_1.5SP1a
3. if you want ,use crack1 or crack02 (my sp4a crack) copy and replace vray2010.dll,cgauth.dll and vraydummy201.xml in 3dsmax root folder

with thanks to Crazyman81,Oblique  and Russian cracker team and also dear Valdo!
and also a special thanks to esanti for his dramatic story!


Proper Vray RT 1.5 Sp1a crack
Oblique: Crazyman’s version was using an older cracked dll, the dll changed in 1.5
sp1a so therefore his crack wasn’t considered “proper”Probably just a nativity update, but here’s the proper installer and
dll for max 2010 x64.
More info


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