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19 comments on “CG Academy Particle Flow Fundamentals

  1. hey can u give alternative link except for rapidshare
    torrent or something
    rapidshare sucks

  2. Thanks!!! Really great thanks!

    For those who dislike the rapidshare system (in fact, everyone…), you should use: “Cryptload”

    It’s a freeware allowing you to automate a “rapidshare files queue”. It also use OCR to avoid manualy enter the “rapidshare password” and, it deconnects/reconnects your modem or router after each download, so you don’t have to wait hours between two files.

    Yes… it seems to beautifull to be true but… it is!

  3. hello frndz
    the all lecture torrent seems dead hasn’t downloaded a byte sine a week my pc is on 24 hours, bt junkie torrents require registration n registration is closed, cryptlod don work on my university LAN connection
    Please help
    i need to download these badly
    plz reply sir thanks in advance

  4. Thanks admin very much !
    But I think there’s a mistake in DVD Number 2, it’s the “Particle Flow Basics 2”, not the “Particle Flow Fundamentals 2”.
    So please replace it if you have the “Fundamental 2” DVD, thanks !!!

  5. very good site- you have a lot of great things that are nearly impossible to find outside of a few remote torrents that have little or no seeders at all. I’ve been looking for the cg academy stuff for ages now.

  6. All pflow dvds are fine, and rapidshare never made me wait more than 44 seconds between downloads and I got 1 dvd after the other until I got them all. ALL torrents of this particular training seem to be super slow and have, at most, 1-2 seeders and takes a week to download IF the torrent doesn’t suddenly become dead. This stuff is getting dated, but it remains the best way to learn pflow. Allan McKay has some good older pflow training out too, but it’s hard to find.

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