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32 comments on “Greatest Dosch Collection part 3

  1. will this work on 3ds max ? i’m familiar with the archmodels and the rpcs but i’ve never heard anything about dosch!? any idea?

  2. Hi ,
    thanks alot for these amazing complexes …
    FAQ : after downloading these apart links how can i merge them into one ?

  3. Wauuuu, thanks for all the dosch stuff. Theres like so much. Hope you uploade more if you find more! :)

  4. Nice work, man!
    Can you find “Dosch – Food & Groceries” collection too?
    PLEEEASE!!! ?___

  5. thank you so much!!! thanks a lot! for all your effort by posting all this fantastic resources! my PC is just going to blow up with so much information!!!! uhuuuuuu I think I need to buy another HD!

    just one thing, do you know if is possible to get the Animated Humans for Cinema 4D? chao!!!!

  6. I need 2 collections, ?Food & Groceries? and “Music instruments”, upload please, if u have this collections or give url for dl. We are remember you! Please. Thx! It will perfect!

  7. it seemed like it took forever to download.. any alternatives??? ( without using any cents of course.. i’m a student. lol )

  8. hatta: you can use “jdownloader” only accept the TOS of rapidshare in options and then add the links with copy/paste at the plus icon. (there is no .exe instead is a jdownloader.jar )

    enjoy :)

    you can get it here:

  9. @ penggemar pecel

    OIL RIG:


  10. Hi there,

    Does anyone here have the HDRI’s for Car Backgrounds from Dosch???


  11. HEy Bro in the second DVD
    (Dosch Textures Rust and Metals V.3)
    links the fourth link is not working try it your self

    so i think downloading any link from this DVD is useless because all of them are related to each other

  12. Where I can find DOSCH: Building Details?. I would be grateful very much.

  13. Eagle Nonstop, the link is working, just tested.. please try again.

  14. Hi,
    First part of Wood textures is coming back as a blocked file over at Rapids*** none of the others, just the first 1, is there an alternative DL?? I would REALLY grateful =)

    Absolutely top share, nice 1 CGP.

  15. IM LOOKING FOR DOSCH ARTLANTIS 3D animated people and cars. if any of you knew a site to download this items, please lte me know.


  16. moozik’s last part is where?

    rapid’s message:
    “”The server is momentarily not available. We are aware of this and are working to get this resolved.””

  17. hi!

    can anybody post the following packs?
    dosch 3d: Human Anatomy
    dosch 3d: Medical – Bacterias
    dosch 3d: Medical – Human Cells
    dosch 3d: Medical Equipment
    dosch 3d: Medical Instruments

    thx for uploader

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