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Digital Tutors: maya Collection (total size 85 GB)

Digital Tutors: Animating Next Gen Characters In Maya
4xCDs | 2.3 GB

Learn a production workflow to game animation and time-saving methods for creating game-ready characters rigs, non-linear animation, and adding appeal. Contains over 6 hours of project-based training for artists learning character animation for next-generation games.
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Greatest Dosch Collection part 3 (Final Part)

Dosch Texture Aging Kit ,Rust and Metals , Stone and Concrete ,US Architecture,Wood

Dosch Vizimages People Business , Casual,Shopping and Travel,Urban Mood,

Dosch HDRI – Skies,Nature,CHrome Effects,Extreme HiRes

Dosch 3D Transport,Engineered Structures,Industrial Objects,Security,Shop Design

Dosch 3D Natural Objects,Music,Broadcast Design,Radiant Skies,cars 2004,cars 2005

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Download Lowpolygon (76) 3D Vehicles with Textures For 3dsmax Re-upload


76 lowpolygon (1000-2000 faces per car) 3D cars for visualization use.Textures include some premapped noise and reflections for quick relaism. Bottoms are not modeled correctly. Cars are not accurate representations of any real car types.

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