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29 comments on “Cebas ThinkingParticles 3.0 – 3dsmax 2008 (32/64bit)

  1. It is the best page of the world. They are the best ones. Thanks to put this.
    Sorry for my English.

  2. Great! Finally, I found something impressive from cg Persia.
    but i had real mess when i installed TP 2.5,eventhough i had IPClamp and installed by procedure in localhost, it wont worked (shows network error(9)).

  3. @Chin2 “you Finally find something impressive at CGP?”
    C’mon, you arrogant fool… have a good look around, and pull your head out of your mothers bum… CGP is a great resource, yet you my idiot fool, are nothing but a twat!

  4. Thanks a lot for this! I have been searching around for a while and this is the first place were I’ve found TP 3.0!


  5. I finally found the promised land,

    It’ s called: CG persia

    thanks guys, you’re the greatest !

    Free at last ! Free at last ! Free at last !

  6. hey i dont have ip clamp 1.1 and i downloaded ip clamp 3.2 with thinking particles 2.5.. i am having problems. even installing tp 2.5. tell me how to install ip clamp… or where can i download ip clamp 1.1.. please some one help me.. this is my email


  7. HELP!
    I have 2.5 version too and the ip clamp fix doesn’t work
    where can I find crack for this product?
    The ipclamp doesn’t seem to be enough to crack it?
    please send answers to

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    thank you very much but my xforce not work anybody can help me. and aget error loading dll massage. please send to

  9. Hey guys
    i downloaded TP3.0 for Max2008 but the file is password protected. can anyone tell me the password, it would save me from cracking it…takes more than 5 hours on 3.0 encryption mode,which is the one i’m facing with this file!!!

  10. Hi
    I`m looking for tutorial (leson) for this soft somebody have somthing. Please upload some file.


  11. any chance to get the servicepack 1 ?!
    anyway it’s out right now and available for max 2009! :)

    tnx in advance :D

  12. ok I found this torrent!
    I’m downloading meself right now but I hope it works! :)

  13. Just downloaded that! it has a auto run Trojan so right click on folder and chose open instead of dbl-clicking! (also a lil trojan on keygen like all other ones! but don’t mind about it though! :D )
    and it was 32 bit, :(
    but I found the 64bit version also thought!
    I’m downloading it right now also! so download it by your own risk! I didn’t test them yet! ;)

  14. Hey wondered if you had this for Max 2009? Thinking Particles 3 that is :) ?

  15. Hi, does anyone have a working version of Thinking Particles 3 for Max2009?

  16. Dears Friends
    I can’t open IP CLAMP directory (PC) to apply crack patch
    I’m working with 3ds max 2009 64 bits win xp

    The IP CLAMP file generated on X FORCE Keygen to import from IP CLAMP LICENCES is invalid file

    Please I need Peoples that is working on Thinking Particles downloaded from this page



  17. I am looking for thinking particle 3.0 video tutorial on how to crash a car (accedent). If any one have send it to my email address.

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