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43 comments on “DI-O-MATIC Character Pack V1.14 For 3dsmax 9/2008 32Bit + Tutorials

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    Facial Studio V2
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  2. I get a error when selecting the server, especially for voice-o-matic. Can someone that got this to work please send instructions or post them here. More than likely I did something wrong.


  3. Yeah its not working here. the server just refuse to accept any ip addresses.

  4. No it’s only for 9-2008.

    2009 has a modified sdk so that is why all plugs for 2008 have to be rewritten…


  5. Hey admin can you get Lightning for 3ds max 2008, beacuse it’s great but I dont think you have it here.

  6. This file is blocked, because it is under suspicion for illegal content. 7 days after a file is blocked, it will automatically be deleted, if the block has not been removed by RapidShare beforehand. Therefore, a download of this file is currently not possible.

    can someone torrent it pls? :)

  7. Only Hercules works with the license the rest doesn’t work. very strange.

  8. Great POst. Everything worked fine :) Just some simple things. had to reboot to get the server to work and its not that the plugin doesn’t work.. its that you have to creat an object such as the “head” to get other functions of cluster matic and what not.. :) great great post

  9. to use all applications (The Di-O-Matic Character Pack) can ride a view windows have to install and update alpserver and everything amiss following the instructions of crack.

    Sorry for my English is translated by google

  10. The license only authorize the hercules plugin and when I do upload the license file to other plugin it says it works but not for this plugin. So the problem here lays in the keygen.
    Maybe I’m missing some font type.

  11. my machine ID is “c90db67-shit-machine” without the quotes of course.
    can someone be so kind to create a license file on your pc that works 100% and send me the file to
    duta.fla “at” gmail dot com

    I hope someone can help me out.

  12. Once I installed the ALPS server software, I run update and got all but Ventriloquist to work. Still looking for solution to get ventriloquist to work.


  13. sob no one wants to help me. I guess I’ll just cry in the corner while you all enjoy this plugin.

    but i doesn’t work.. i update alpserver.. but the plugins do not working..
    the maschine-ID (alpserver) is: cc61b6a2-xxoxx-c82b37
    but in the keygen its: CC61B6A2-xxoxx-C82B37
    maybe here is the problem.. they keygen also writ capital letter.. and i cant change it..
    maybe anyone can help?? Thank you very much

  15. I found the problem . the KG only reads caps. Look at your computer name. If its not all caps

    you?ll need to rename your system in ALL CAPS .
    uninstall ALP Server
    reinstall ALP Server ( it should pick up the new name)
    then use you can use the KG

  16. Same thing happens with me.. :(
    The license only work for hercules, the rest doesn’t work. I already update ALP Manager and follow the instruction, but still doesn’t work.
    Can anybody who successfully crack voice-o-matic to post their installation steps?


    – deinstall character pack/ alp-server
    – rename my computer (ALL CAPS)
    – install character pack / alp-server
    – update alp-server

    now everything works!! but only Voice-O-Matic will not work..
    the same error-message:

    “Cannot install a previously uninstalled license, please request a new license”

    in the Authorization of Voice-O-Matic they show the computername in small letter?! maybe someone have an idea..

    but once again: BIG THANKS TO csg!!

  18. thanks to cgs also!

    i follw the instruction, everything works fine except for voice-o-matic..

    can anyone help me for this?

  19. hi,
    i installed di-o-matic and apls server, it says that the machine id doesn’t match. the machine id is: d8cf3686-muller-c4dedee0.
    can anyone send the license file for me to the following address?

  20. Does anyone know where I can find the The Di-O-Matic Character Pack V.2 through rapidshare for 3dsmax 2009?

    Thanks in advance..

  21. My voice-O-matic doesn’t work either, it says that license file generated by keygen is not for voice-o-matic, Admin pls help us out, I’will send you post card with a hot girl’s kiss from China~! I’m serious!~!

  22. when i am selected the server ip:local i get nothin , Only Hercules works the rest doesn?t work (ask register)

  23. hello , can any one make voice-o-matic work and send the details to or atleast post here , so that others also can benefit from there discovery. Please share let the world grow and become a beautiful place to live.

  24. mamnon az in hame zahmati ke mikeshid=mikham bedonam di o matic vse may 2008 x64 vojod dareh ageh hast mishe linkesho inja bezarin=bazam mamnon az in hame zahmat ke vase in site be in khobi ke mikeshin

  25. hi guys,
    if you need voice-o-matic, please download from other links, this links doesnt have workable voice-o-matic, dont waste your time downloading from this link…

  26. DI-O-MATIC Character Pack V1.14, links are not working. Will anyone be kind enough to send a link for download free

  27. Thank you for uploading but can only register The Hercules plugin. Please help me!

  28. Thank you for uploading but I can only register The Hercules plugin. Please help me!

  29. any one have Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition) . i could not find it

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