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19 comments on “Renderman for Houdini

  1. [quote]Sorry! i don?t know why this user used 12 [/quote]

    For Rs points man, I know its annoying lol

  2. It is annoying, specially when you are not a registered paid rapidshare, you are allowed only to download 1 to 2 files a day per IP. That sucks.

  3. Heya this is a great upload! I was looking for that a long time!

    Is there any chance for the 64Bit version? would be really awsome dude.. but thanks anyway!

  4. my mistake, links are good, just found out if I am not logged in with rapidshare, IDM won’t always log me in, thus valid links show up as merely htm broken links to it.

    Sorry, party on dudes!

  5. Any news of the Linux (x86-64) version? Pixar makes both a x86-32 and x86-64 linux version of RenderMan Studio (Pro), and RenderMan ProServer (14.0 out). What about the title of this post, RenderMan for Houdini? Does this means that somehow Houdini support was added in RenderMan Studio Pro 1.1?


  7. Ok…but I’ll waiting for Prman pro server 14.0 and its counterparts ;)

  8. Guys, for the one who don’t have a rapidshare account, you just have to turn your modem off for a few seconds, tur it on again and you will be able to download another file ;-)

  9. Can’t afford a RS account…maybe you learn knitting instead.

    FBI & Interpol love torrent…download now, be prosecuted later!

  10. esses gajos tao lokos vinotches… eu tivesse posto um file big iao dizer que a cena demora pra mng time pra sair… pus cada file 10mb pra facilitar

  11. hi
    i can not install this plug in
    please help me in procedural manner :
    for example in 1……
    but i want you to detail the installing in full ordering and thanks for every things
    also i install the houdini 10 but it hangs or locks in the midle of the program pls explain some helps about installing the houdini and renderman

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