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32 comments on “Turbosquid Training: Advanced Cloth Workshop

  1. Im downloading the files right now i did not even saw the dvd but THanks stilll cH1ooo

  2. @ lehnex, just tested the file, it’s working – please try again.

  3. found this site which seems to have loads of torrent tutorials including this one


  4. sorry try this one:

  5. ?? bloody comments box
    you have to be careful if you copy the address above as it has a space before the next line which shouldnt be there

  6. Thanks torrentlover2 , really appreciate it, I actually saw that site before, its great as it has both the initial and the advanced (2 dvds) but unfortunatley no seeder :( I am downloading it at the moment hopefully a seeder will come along, we do need more deticated torrents for CG torrent though.

  7. Just checked 2 seeders woohoo will seed when done :) thanks again bro

  8. Cam anybody seed this please, Ive been trying to dl it for about a week and a half, only got 8 percent.

  9. ?? why people still askin’ for the torrent?

    torrent noted above and downloaded for me at a reasonable rate with a dozen or so peers, which i have now watched the advanced one which is good especially if your new to techniques for cloth. there is another cloth dvd with it but i would recommend stopping that from downloading because its mostly about garment maker which is advisable to stay away from and model the cloths instead.

  10. p.s took about 8 hours to download the one dvd (2gb) from that link


    i have checked it, it does work without the space


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  13. I tried but its not working.
    This tutorial would help ful to me because in that there is backpack animation which i want pls can someone send torrent file of this.

  14. please tell me other site about learning 3D Max, and Auto CAD. can any body help me

  15. Can any body give me the password plsssssss.
    I have downloadeds all the files but it won’t extract without a password.

  16. I need to know how to simulate wet cloths in modifier (washing cloths)

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