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20 comments on “Resurgere Mega Pack

  1. Resurgere is a group that shares the stock images of it’s Team Members and Guest Contributors at Deviant Art. Its focus is on producing stock which is unique and of high quality. The stock is distributed under Resurgere’s Terms of Use in convenient Packages, and is freely given for the noncommercial use of all artists.

  2. Hello, i dont understand why i cant download from cgtorrent, torrent files ? I registered, press download button but nothing happens, and with all files. Somebody have the same problem ?

  3. @ bislajavas
    For downloading from torrent networks you must to use a torrent client , a software for opening .torrent files and download data from tracker
    there is many torrent client software , but i recommend to use utorrent
    you can download that from
    free and fast :)

  4. I know why, i was using Opera and Chrome, for downloading .torrent files and it was not starting download, but today i tried IE and VOLIA! It downloaded me .torrent file :)

  5. Torrent? Good for FBI!
    Rapidshare? Good for me (Premium User)!
    RS, please!

  6. Now I use ?Torrent 1.8. Works!
    Time to download the 1.96 GB:
    2 hours and 42 minute
    Not so fast like RS, but enough to get it!
    Download in backround with open port.
    No problem.
    Thank you!

  7. Torrents ALWAYS suck. Never use them so I will pass this by also.

  8. Uff…just bought a premium account on rapidshare…..and now you are using CGtorrent, too slow.

  9. If you don’t like, don’t download…
    I like torrent more than rapidshare…

  10. I made it like member “Premium Kit” – with ?Torrent 1.8!
    Time to download: 2 hours. Yeah! Great images. I got it all. :-)
    Thank you very much!

  11. Thank you very much. Looks like the photos are super-cool and really professional. Many thanks for sharing.

  12. I applaud your effort to put these images into a package….but I must let it be known, most of these are ‘art’ shots and not many are useful for 3D texturing…most are for 2D composting.

    Thanks though…

  13. “Resurgere on DeviantArt is a group who release a lot of Awesome Resources packs (Textures/Stocks etc? Mainly for 2d use)”


  14. Hi i find New Pack Full On RapidShare
    Beyoutiful Girl Pack For Texture


  15. CG TORRENT This domain name expired on Jul 23 2009 11:53AM. Click here to renew it. -.-

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