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The second part of our Animation Fundamentals series will build on the core animation techniques Simon taught you in the previous tutorial. Here we look at the importance of analysing and understanding our characters before attempting to animate them. How good staging, contrasting poses, observing silhouettes and related techniques will help deliver your drama clearly to the viewer. Simon will show you how the pose-to-pose animation technique will allow you to quickly and effectively animate in a production environment. Simon completes the tutorial with a practical example of how to put all of these principles into effect in a real world example staring Floppy the alien.

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Evermotion Archmodels Vol 64

Archmodels vol. 64 | vray+textures
High detailed models of orient gadgets where you can find sculptures, statuettes, decorations, ornaments, embellishments, ornamentation, scenery, adornments with all textures, shaders and materials. It is ready to use, just put it into your scene.

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