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Toon Boom Studio v4.5

The All-In-One Animation Software
Toon Boom Studio 4.5 is ideal for individuals looking for an all-in-one animation software. From drawing digitally, scanning hand-drawn animations or seamlessly importing existing artwork, Studio 4.5 enables you to lip sync your animation, setup the action in a 3D space and publish your animation projects for print, TV, HDTV, the Web, YouTube and iPod! Covering the entire animation workflow from sketching to final publishing, you will find Toon Boom Studio to be a great tool to create or learn animation.

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Magic Particles

Magic Particles is a special editor that lets to create visual effects based on particle system quickly and visually. Ignescent text, flying comet, autumn leaves dancing in the gust of wind, snowstorm and multicolored fog, wriggly tentacles of outlandish creatures, fantastic silhouettes of plants ? all these (and many more!) images might not only be created in our program but added to your photos and videos. The program will be useful both for nonprofessionals who just like to decorate private photos and for designers. Want to decorate your wedding photo or add New Year freshness to your movie or banner? There is nothing easier! The program is so simple and easy-to-use that anyone can create special effects of top class just in a couple of minutes and with few mouse clicks.

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Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter X By Rhoda Grossman
Course Technology PTR | 2007-07-26 | ISBN: 1598634046 | 256 Pages | PDF | 30 Mb
Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter X is an introduction to drawing and painting using a Wacom graphics tablet and the industry standard software for pixel-based art.

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Welcome to Basic Training!
In this Free Video Training Series, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start using After Effects today. This is not an overview of the software, this is a real training series that covers advanced techniques for Motion Tracking, Color Keying and even 3D Title Design. Of course, we’ll cover the basics too.

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Photoshop Secrets – Special FX Video CD-ROM

The Photoshop Secrets – Special FX Video CD-ROM from PhotoshopCafe includes tutorials for 19 stunning effects that will give your images a stunning and fresh appearance. You\’ll learn the secrets of the pros in plain English with a warm conversational style, without the technical jargon that can be so confusing. The fast loading CD ROM contains almost 2 hours of sharp 800 x 600 video with crisp, clear sound, and the advanced interface allows you to instantly jump to any of the 19 lessons with complete control over the playback. The CD-ROM also includes many unflattened Photoshop files (.psd format) so you can understand how the images are assembled, and easily duplicate the results. The CD-ROM is compatible with Windows and Macintosh Systems.
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Digital Cameras have made it easier than ever to take great pictures. But even with the best camera, it takes a bit of work with Photoshop to really get the most out of your images. Small issues like lens flares or dust spots can quickly ruin a photographic moment, and it’s often necessary to remove the “digital haze” that comes with photos that are too light or dark to perfectly reflect the scene you captured.
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Wood & Paper is a collection of 40 high resolution wood and paper images in RGB TIFF format. Includes: Exotic veneers, cork, bark, Japanese papers, bark papers, Egyptian papyrus and much more at 300 dpi resolution for 8.5?x11? (approx 21. 5×28 cm) with a full bleed (2610×3360 pixels). Also includes multimedia resolutions, seamless tiles for 3D, and many tools and templates for working with the files. Scanning Method: Drum Scan of 4?x5? Transparencies.
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