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We wanted to lay out the game ahead in more detail than we ever have before – since people have asked for a tad more of an idea of the direction and focus of the future Background Fundaments. Based upon feedback from students, this new term and the following term’s Background Fundamentals will concentrate on the visual effects knowledge and tasks that artists run into on a daily basis – focused on method and theory not individual applications. Over the next two terms we will be covering all the cool and no so cool but important things that come up. From label replacement, matching 3D and live action, keying and lighting, and even some 3D stereoscopic effects. In each case we will try and make the class self contained to that week, while addressing real world shots, with an eye to both budget and timescale. Yes we will even try and budget and cost shots as we go. Plus we get to fly in helicopters and stick needles our (digital eyes). – We hope this will be the most hands on and fun BKD yet.

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Autodesk AutoCAD is the worlds most widely used Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. It lets you design, visualize and communicate ideas with ease and efficiency. AutoCAD 2010 has new features that make tasks easier and quicker too.

his VTC course provides users with the knowledge to master advanced concepts, giving the user the ability to create, edit and plot complex AutoCAD drawings. Work files are included. To begin learning, simply click the movie links.

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Autodesk? Softimage? software is a 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solution optimized for artist efficiency. The Autodesk Softimage 2010 release boasts accelerated performance, greater data handling, the Autodesk? Face Robot? facial animation toolset, as well as new tools to help manage scene complexity. Features in Autodesk? Softimage? and Autodesk? Softimage? Advanced high-performance 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visual effects software enable you to tackle your most demanding game, film, and television projects. Continue Reading