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  1. lol that’s freakin gay. Who the HELL is going to replace their existing Rhino 4 sr6 WITH vray and everything else, just to have a crack at this WIP crap that won’t EVER have a scene-released vray because nobody seems to be able to crack it anymore? Unless u want to run this thing just with the maxwell 2 renderer, this is worthless.

    • LOL you’re freakn not paying attention. This “WIP crap” can be installed WITHOUT removing Rhino 4.

      • BTW-
        for the 32 bit version…


  2. hesam:
    there’s no serial for any patched Rhino 5 WIP…when installing it use serial key from already installed Rhino 4. Only patches exists made in diablo2oo2’s Universal Patcher mostly.
    BTW could you please upload your lic file for hypershot?

  3. hi…
    i did last night….I upload my file in hypershot page

    serial rhino 4 ..does not work whit it

  4. something’s up with this…I tried the patch and it said something about already being patched or being the wrong file…I also thought i had it going with the zoo lic but i am getting a msg saying the lic manager was not found on the network – so i definitely don’;t need a rh5b serial yes?

    do you run the patch after install? anything else?

  5. just noticed that the date on the patch doesn’t match the 32 bit file posted by that other person – trying this…

  6. The patch doesn’t work and if I try to install it with zoo lic, it give me the same message of PLOOMP.

    I think I need a serial rh5b….!

    • Hi,

      Install with zoo option and let go to the end of the install. DON’T RUN THE PROG ! Patch first the “exe” then run the prog. Works perfectly on Win XP 64 bits. Not tested on Win 7

      Have fun !

  7. hi…
    this patch is for rhino 5 wip 32 bit
    for more download of rhino , see :
    first persian forum of Rhino
    download rhino5 wip for 32bit and download SR7
    سلام..اگه نیازی به قراردادن لینک دانلود راینو و آپدیتش در این سایت معظم داشتید…از نظر بنده اشکالی نداره
    چون اون فروم رو خودم راه اندازی کردم
    خوشحال میشم روابط دوطرفه و دوستانه ای داشته باشیم
    یا علی

  8. Has anyone got a working version? I get the “wrong version or already patched” for both x64 and c86.

    • the same here, i get the “wrong version or already patched” for 32 bits

      anyone please help

  9. Recently a new WIP has been released. it is named as 20100225 as it was released on 2010-02-25… does anyone has its download link? Please reply … Thanks in advance

  10. Hi,
    I have serial problem for installation of rhino 5.
    my rhino4 serial doesnt work on it.
    can anyone help me?

    tell me what can i do with this RH5b serail fucking number!!!!
    i need your help!!!!!!!!

  12. For Windows 7 make sure User Control is set to lowest level before patching.
    User Control settings can be changed under User Account.

  13. 32 bit version:

    the patch is already posted here

    64 bit version:


    tested!!!…if you are using vista/windows 7 turn off uac and antivirus softwares temporarily

  14. i found this file match the patch above its 05/12/2009
    the 64 bit version works fine…before you patch rhino make sure you’re not running it in the background kill the process first

  15. sorry i have x64 bit system and it works but i tried to use x86 version in windows 7 x64 and nothing works but this patched rhino4.exe file…just replace original exe file inside rhino root directory….check the background first and kill the process before applying patch if you will use the patch or better use this already patched file
    here’s the link if the patch doesn’t work use this patched file

  16. nothing works fellas…
    anyone has the match WIP version and the patcher? Thnx

    Hi, i am desperetly trying to install Rhino on my new windows 7 64X and I have been reeding all the post. Please is there somebody who can tell me how to process??

  18. can someone give out the link to the lastest update 64bit. I tried the link in the post but its not working

  19. Could I please have the latest release of Rhino 5 WIP please!

    Thank you

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