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44 comments on “Digital Tutors: Introduction to Maya 2011

  1. thank you this site very nice
    but why you cant upload in media fire

    • Abe kahan-2 upload karaayega, uploading ko mazaak samajh rakhkha hai kya. Jo mil raha hai usi se kaam chala le.

  2. Rs Mirror:


  3. Thank you very much for your upload.
    I hope we will see more soon.

  4. Hello.
    Is anybody here have a Ruins 3.0 plugin for Maya?

  5. i read some forums cgpersia is going to launch torrents as well
    i need torrent pls

  6. torrents are great if they are seeded, usually not the case…hit and run on most…stay with rapidshare/hotfile, etc…just my 2 cents

  7. you guys check file “21. Modeling the rear cone and thrust ring”. Mine is corrupted – anyone elses? Apart of this unfortunate business everything is crisp. Any chance someone could upload just #21?..

  8. hey nobax this bad very bad who are u to pirate this stuff u can do this but let this package become some old they relesed recently let them earn money

  9. AWESOME! finally, an introduction of Maya 2011 that covers everything! Thanks very much :)

    CGPersia & Digital Tutors are da nutz! :)

  10. Hey thanks for this. Like others have mentioned, Lesson 21 corrupted, only a 1.1mb file. Could someone pls post this if they have it?


  11. How many times need people do request a reup for lesson 21 ?!
    Its not that i am not thankful for people sharing apps and tutorials with us, but for christ’s sake check your files before uploading them. Having half assed attempts to provide something that could otherwise be a quality release is downright ridiculous.

    Still… thanks for trying.

  12. what are you guys bitching about, its 11 hour long tutorial and its free lmao. quit acting like a bunch of whineing pussies and thank the man. so a ten minute lesson is corrupt,deal with it. after 11 hours you should be able to figure out how to model the missing piece, unless your uterly clueless. stupid asses.

  13. thats like not even falling asleep for 10 minutes in class. surely youve done that before and picked up the pieces. lmao.

  14. thank you cg persia. top notch download,best yet, even if it is a episode 1 racer. episode one=battlefield earth. lol.

  15. some of you need some serious mylanta and to remember to take a crap. no pooping=too tense.

  16. buddah and ghandi agree, regular poopage is good for u ^_^ :D.

  17. You sir are obvioulsy on crack or even worse…
    How did you and your damaged brain even get here to bitch about people asking for a simple reup of a corrupted file ? its not like they asked for WWIII or even your senseless medical bullshit. Laxatives… you had to much of em. You should be carefull not to shit your pants while farting your sanity bye bye.

  18. thank you so much man, I know the 21 file does’nt work, but still, its a great post!!!!, and if it is not that much of a problem for you, would you mind trying to upload just the 21 file, so I ( or maybe others) may have the all Lessons, If you can’t do it,for some reason, it is ok too, I think we all can manage with the other lessons. Overall, Thank you again

  19. Lo encontre descarguenlo aqui el video 21 de este tutorial
    Este es el video completo de “21. Modelando el cono trasero y anillo de empuje”

    saludes y espero que les sirva a todos, sobre todo a la grosera…

    • buena man… muchos exitos… ya lo estoy bajando… ?saludos!


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