30 comments on “Modeling ROLEX DAYTONA in Maya

  1. rapidshare pls.
    anyway, thanks for release it!
    renderd with mr, vray or maya?

  2. …Finally I show how to create some shaders in Maya and render with mental ray.

  3. Really hoping this one isn’t in Russian, like the last watch-building tutorial. Thanks, Egustus.

    • Sturm says:

      Really hoping this one isn’t in Russian, like the last watch-building tutorial.

      Are you from Jew-York?
      You want to have everything in jewish?

      • Wow, your comment is so dumb I am feeling a little embarrassed for you… Sorry, wasn’t even funny….

      • and by the way…. Jewish isn’t a language you stupid moron….

  4. It seems that this tutorial is free on Youtube:


    • yeah on that guy’s channel


      just click on the Tutorial: ROLEX DAYTONA to get the access to all parts.

  5. Thanks buddy for your brilliant work and providing us with
    MP4 679Kbps – 2128Kbps 1280×720 25 fps | Mp3-128kbps | 6.82 GB

    package which some morons failed to see and wont get through youtube. in youtube if you are lucky occasionally you will get 720p and also there are issues with uploading to that server so the uploader might choose for much smaller size and there are other issues also. Anyway thanks for your effort Egustus. Cheers.
    I am downloading and will refer to others for downloading this great stuff.

    • I beg to differ Moron Master, I have finished downloading all 58 parts in Youtube at 720p 1280×720 perfect image, although some of the files might differ between 15 to 25 fps its very good quality. The point here is why upload something that is free in Youtube?

      • hey buddy you tube is not a file downloaiding site it is a sharing site for video uploading and watching and the server is optimized for that. but file sharing sites are not optimized for video watching but for uploading and downloading of files of most format and size(yes that includes vid format).There are million of users are really on you tube site watching or doing thing that the site allows while you are trying to downloading the file which is not allowd or option provided in you tube but can be done, as you have done and many others so but you need to have a solid interconn and can not get back to you tube why ur down or up is troubled if they do. File hosting site excluding youtube are bound to thier premium users and occassionaly answers free users too. And many users today are premium users. their are other issues i am not going to elaborate …you can google them for you interest.dont comment too fast before search

        • Waching it from you tube or taking the trouble to download from there rather than the practiced and prefered way people do things that is file hosting site…they are not for no reason. beside many users dont know how to download from you tube and real player . Where as having valid account or no account you can download with your slow or fast internet connection. Uploading though is a diff story for free user for diiferent sites. but any way file hosting sites are the reason this site cgpersia exist.

    • with double-click in Safari (Mac) you easily download 720p, with RealPlayer you download with one click!
      But thanks to the uploader nevertheless!

  6. Yes it is free and the quality is great from youtube which is were I got it from,but also it was nice of Egustus to share the entire collection here with other members.

    MR H

  7. I did download mine from Youtube but I appreciate Egustus work to bring this here.

  8. Egustus many thanks. I couldnt find the reference image file for the watch in your youtube channel. Did you include them in your cgpersia package. Did you also include any ma or mb file. if not would you kindly at least give us the link for reference image for the watch you used in your videos.

    Thanks in advance

  9. pleases Guys, someone could you help me to make the same render but with 3dsmax Vray? thanks a lot ! link toward tutorial or else..

  10. Very good tut, Egustus! It’s good to see other professionals working. It’s funny how sometimes our working method is easier and faster and sometimes the others are more efficient.

    In the Part 20 you say “I have to do the same process again”, when Maya crashes. In fact, you don’t need. Maya, as the screen message says, saves a back up file at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp with the last modifications.

    • Why are people talking like Egustus is the person who made the tutorial?
      Is Egustus and Stephan Pilz the same person???

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