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The Autodesk? Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk? 3ds Max? 2011 software integrates state-of-the-art technology from renowned industry companies who are working with Autodesk to revolutionize rendering and simulation workflows. Featuring lightweight, resolution-independent procedural textures; GPU-accelerated rigid-body dynamics; and one of the world?s first physically accurate ?point-and-shoot? renderers, the Advantage Pack for 3ds Max 2011 delivers cutting-edge tools that help leverage the latest hardware advances to help customers maintain their competitive advantage.

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Explosion Of helicopter in movies & commercials are so realiastic that gives a complete illusion of a real tragic events.How this complex animation wroks & How 3d artist
come so closer to natural scene like is what for this DVD .The instructot will show you from start to finish of the complete process.

Software Used:
3D Max,Fusion,Photoshop

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Cinema 4D Video Training | HF | 751Mb

How to learn to work in the program? There are several ways: you can dumb, sadly, not interested in digging in HELP … but know all that laid creators; be in battle! We take the job and the deadline for the lack of sleep, digging through various sources to implement all-in-time, and you can leisurely watching a video tutorial created to help users to build some projects in which the opinion of the creators, discussed various possibilities of the program. Everybody chooses for himself.This selection allows you to video lessons with interest the approach to the study of Cinema 4D, creating a small but varied work. so you not only to manage the program, but feel himself a master of his craft, enjoying the result. there are lessons for mimbar (in Sineversiti), as well as “Quick Start” will be considered modeling, texturing, animation and rendering.

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Video tutorials on Cinema 4D by Robert Leger(2010)
English | VP6F 1024×768 25fps 512Kbps | MP3 128Kbps | 1.96 GB

Video in which there is talk about animation and some other things related to modeling. And the main role of
course played by post-processing that is present.


Description: Robert Leger works EVEN.TV in COLOGNE
Video in which there is talk about animation and some other things related to modeling. And the main role of
course played by post-processing that is present.

1. Video on how at low cost to create goodies in blue – 0:18:24:19
2. Video postprocessing Example 1 – 0:16:04:04
3. Video using the expression a dispatcher INDEPENDANT for the effect ray – 0:20:44:08
4. Videos in this tutorial shows how the effect of the beam can be used with CLONER- OBJECTS MOGRAPH – 0:14:29:18
5. Video create random motion in the blue using the expression – 0:29:15:11
6. Video if you have a large project with duplicate objects and when the first thing that comes to duplicate everything, then the lesson for you – 0:13:21:08
7. Video, create a simple logo and post processing – 0:16:42:08
8. Video , VOXEL- effect is used to fill the polygon objects – 0:22:24:01
9. Video, create amusing animations – 0:47:45:02
10. Video, Robert , stage by stage passes and explains how to create animations Metallic colors – ZADIRA – 0:43:19:05
11. Video, continued 10 videos , animate materials SHADER and much more – 0:46:48:02
12. Video, additions and new features VOXEL- EFFECT – 0:17:13:01
dop.materialy :
3.primer use VOXEL-EFFECT
4. example of the use BeamEffect ( rays)
5. Animation METAL FLOWERS
6. example of the use WIGGLE TEASER ( by 5 videos)
7. example of 9 videos
8. flower_animation.c4d ( simplified animation of the flower
9. project with animated flowers

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Join professional photographer and instructor Chris Orwig in Photoshop CS5: Fashion Retouching Projects, as he demonstrates how to enhance and correct photographs for the fashion industry. This course covers retouching techniques such as color, contrast, and tone improvements, wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing, enhancing the eyes, lips, and hair, shape modification using Liquify, and background cleanup. Projects include a commercial fashion campaign and a natural beauty shoot, focusing on corrections that bring out the existing strengths of the photograph without marring the original intent. Exercise files are included with the course.
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In Avid Media Composer 5 Essential Training, author Ashley Kennedy demonstrates basic and intermediate editing techniques in Media Composer, one of the most widely used nonlinear, video editing systems. This course covers how to build sequences, mix audio, color correct footage, apply effects, and troubleshoot common post-production issues in Media Composer. Exercise files accompany the course.
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