118 comments on “Arnold Render 1.11.1 Beta for XSI 2011-2012 32/64

  1. incidentally i saw a maya arnold demo on youtube…demo not very impressive IMO….for straight AO renderman looks faster to me

    • Of course but developers of Arnold want to keep charging for this,this its not an outdated version and they are angry for that, i don’t even think this its a beta.

      This work with xsi 2011 and 2012,so not really outdated lol

      There was so much crap around arnold,now everyone can test it,its not for everyone,its a very good raytracer, but anyone how knows renderman well already have what its needed and in a more powerfull and open way.

      They charge too much for arnold,and its now worth it,sure its better than mental ray ,but for that money i rather buy a renderman license.

  2. Lol. I have already rendered a movie with this ARNOLD and sold it. Just kidding;) If this is not a proper version why bother fighting for it. Let us poor guys test what it and leave us be.


  3. hello buccaneers …
    excellent release.
    thank IronBoy

    for me is working very well
    lights, shaders,
    sometimes (rarely) a red warning
    but nearly always is working well.

    and super fast

  4. Does this include the famous arnold skin shader? Its what I’m mainly looking to test out.

  5. Im not into XSi so im not interested but thanks for the share.

    • Go home!
      You need Softimage 2012 (I have wOS 32bits and works); when you get it simply go File —- Add-on —- Install (search the Arnold’ file you’ve downloaded and enjoy).

  6. is this a mega old version? im guessing no – but in the videos i saw 3.0.0 DEVELOPER versions so just wondering.

    as for the renderer..seemed fast until i tried reflections – not sure whats the big hype all about. also workflow in SI with it is kind of crappy! modo4life

  7. what’s going on you …
    this is just a render
    but with legendary stories and bla bla bla
    never come to the saving button to do miracles
    is just a render
    I tried and liked
    I would buy it when it is free
    I never got to render anything in xsi …
    but I was very happy with arnold
    force developers to
    liberating force to
    and we will make this planet a little more democratic

  8. I was who send arnold to this forum to make a crack version, but now people from solid angle know who I am and now Im fuck!, Im gay and I love Twilight 2, and make cake with my boyfriend, and I love Lightwave

  9. Does anyone have the documentation?
    BTW, I’m going to ask for a demo version to SolidAngle…
    I don’t care watermarks. I just want to try it.

  10. Hi, does anybody else have problem with installing it ?
    Constantly get “Uneable to instal this add-on”
    and in the script editor : ” ERROR : 2049 – Wrong file kind:……….. line 9939 in ……DSScripts\uixsiscripts.vbs]
    Any ideas ?
    tried under Win 7 x64 with Softimage 2012 SP1

  11. I get this error “[sitoa] Not valid format (pic) specified for the Main framebuffer. Switching to TIFF.”
    and when that goes away it says this
    [sitoa] Destroying Scene Universe. On nextx render scene will be loaded again.
    A normal sphere just looks like a one shade and nothing like mentalray… not sure what is going wrong. Can anyone help?

  12. Little help…

    I’ve installed softimage 2012 two months ago, and now am trying to install arnold in it. It says the installation was successful, but I can’t find the arnold option in the render options nor in the rendering engine in preferences… Anyone knows what would be the problem there?

    • Your anti-virus protection probably blocked some of the files while you installed it. (As already stated a million times by now, it’s a false positive (not dangerous)).
      The same thing happened to me the first time I installed it.
      Just be sure to get all the files from the quarantine of your anti-virus, turn it off and install arnie again.

      I won’t be checking back here again, so if you have more trouble post a comment on the forum.

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