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  1. Wich one should I use, Bodypaint or Mari? Wich one is more powerfull and wich one need less time to learn?

  2. Kit
    Mari take few hours to learn. there is plenty of tutorials from digital tutor and others. The little problem is that you have to bake your paint itch time you move your geometry, and it take few seconds to do it.
    But i love this apps. Far better then then Mudbox. I don’t know Bodypaint.

  3. For all newbs on mission to have latest hype software:
    There is no such thing as Mari x32/x86. Nobody remotely serious into 3d is not using 32 bit OS, and since Mari is one fucking beast of software, they figured not to even bother with x86 version. Mostly because ram is pretty much limited on x86 (no you cannot make it address more than 3,2GB regardless what you have read on interwebs) and for creating 32k textures thats not remotely enough.
    So, go away playing with your Paint since Mari is NOT software you might need anytime soon.

    • I have been working with x86 software for a very long time while learning 3D, and for at home, my laptop wouldnt even benefit from x64 OS. Thinks like maya, zbrush, photoshop they all work fine for x86 and you can do alot of neat CG with it. Of course your point is valid, Mari is a beast and for the real deal in CGyou need a big PC with x64 but either way you don’t have to be an amateur to desire something for x86

  4. Hey guys, any news of where to get Mari ??????? any links of where to download it?

    Thank you.


  6. Any of you guys have a problem with the openGL 3.0 I have 2 .O I have my computer with parallels 7?

  7. Hi,

    Even iam having the problem with opengl , becuase i have is 2.0 and it says it needs opengl 3.0 , from where can i download, if anyone know how to solve this , please respond…………

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