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44 comments on “Exotic Matter Naiad – Win x64

  1. this is really great upload cant wait to play with it….
    stop SOPA !

  2. how is this compare to realflow? but thank you anyway. is alway better to know more and learn more than one solution for fluid simulation. looking forward to get phoenix fd 2 too. thank you thank you. stop sopa. most of artist will license their tools after they find it useful. it means for business. but first, who would spent thousands on a appz before knowing it. a 30 day trail ver is a joke. you will not master or even be good in a pro appz just in 30 days. learning it may easy but master it takes time. so thank you cgpersia to offer this opportunity for us.

  3. Doesnt compare well with realflow, most studios complain that its a pain in the arse to integrate into an existing pipeline. issues with bringing outside assets in the sim engine is a problem. Still its free so what the heck!

  4. Ok. Now its time that we need
    CMIVFX tut on Naiad. Can somebody help out please :)

  5. I saw a 4 second animation with this tool but took 30hrs to simulate. If that so, is it able to cope with realflow. I think Linux version with crack has been available on for quite some time. Can someone use and let us know? I am not a simulation or fluid fx guy but I’d love to gather information so I can make decision whether to go for it at my studio or not with license as said by Jasoncgman. Thanks for your efforts cg bloggers….:) 2 thumbs up….

  6. Thankyou guys!!!
    Take a good look at h~~p://vimeo.c~m/igorzanic many naiad vids!!

  7. I hope SOPA and ACTA wins, and sites like this will be deleted once for all and all owners and contributors will be punished!

    • If you believe that you are an idiot, it just means sites like this will go further under ground or move to encrypted and tunnelled means of sharing.
      How do you think people learn to use your unaffordable product, who then suggest to the studios where they work to buy it.
      Someone from houdini gave me a link to an xforce crack so I could learn it properly, the studio I was working at then bought it for 40K odd.
      Wise up sucker/

  8. to ArtCrime>
    You must be really REALLY stupid that I will belive you. From Houdini ?? or rather from SideFX ? grow up little boy. Go to school,get good education,look for any e-duaction,buy subscription to cmivfx,digitaltutors,fxphd etc. and you will get your 40h software for free for educational pruposes. You need to have enxpirience in CG/VFX studio to find a good job,showing burning ball or exploding teapot using 40k software don’t give you anything.You just be another criminalist who use pirated software. So, wise up sucker before you write anything.

    • Wait, are you really representing Exotic Matter or just some dude who thinks is cool to defend Naiad’s rights against piracy… and if you are, why do you even bother, first, and second, why do you start a no-win conversation with some dumb kid? I’m sure it’s painful for you and I hope E.M. will get to sell a lot of Naiad licenses to big ass studios though… and I hope you won’t die of heart attack because of what we share here, for free, amongs us, poor inglourious basterds. Boy, am I a poet or what… Anyway, suck it up and focus on making Naiad more and more awesome ;)

    • Geez naiad, or naive_idiot, I have a degree & have worked at a major studio for 8 years, your poor grammar and spelling suggests you have nothing to do with naiad. Go and ask Janet from sidefx . But of course you wont because you are just another troll.

    • You’re clearly a troll as I’d hope someone working on Naiad would have a grasp of the English language.

      ArtCrime is completely 100% correct however. I work in VFX as well at a large studio that pays for all their software. How do they know what software to buy? The artists and TDs give our educated opinions on what to buy.

      Any studio of 10+ employees simply HAS to buy their software, otherwise a single disgruntled employee that has worked for you is able to bring on a massive lawsuit just to fuck with you.

      All of the most successful 3D software has laxed piracy policies. Autodesk has the single most easily cracked FlexLM system on earth and they have no desire to change it. Why? Because the broke ass college students, young professionals and tiny studios use their software, learn it inside out and then continue to use it in the work force. They will buy the suites eventually…either when their companies become bigger or when they work for places who buy it.

      If it wasn’t for piracy, no one would ever learn your software except for a few fringe professionals in extremely high end studios. Cracks like this are what will bring Naiad to smaller companies in the long run…just like what happened with Nuke and other very expensive packages that were once only for high end use.

  9. i understand why Niaad and others would want SOPA and PIPA to win. They make this software/Movies/tutorials, and they hope to make a nice profit off of their hard work. WE get it. Problem is, when your poor artist/student, you want to study and use these tuts, and softwares, but you cannot afford the big price tag to do so. If were in the developers/ movie makers shoes, YES i would want to get 100% of the money that i deserve for my work. If im a broke artist/student, i dont have the money so i want PIPA and SOPA shut down. Its basically the rich want to make money, and the poor want something for free. Piracy is wrong, but there is really no other option IF you want to learn. Houdini is the only software that has a good(apprentice) program. Until companies try to let others try their software in this way, there will always be pirates. But then again, if you want your product to be exclusive, you probably just want the cash, and wont care about anything else. And thats cool because, hey, who wouldnt want to be paid to the fullest for whatever work that they do.

    • poor artist/student?
      first, are you a poor artist/student? why are you doing here if you are rich and willing to go direct to autodesk with your creditcard to pay 10 license in difference software? who can became so rich even when they first step in the studio as a new guy? plus doing art is not guarantee that you will get rich. some people just enjoy drawing. if you aiming to get alot money. so fuk off and you are ugly. there wont be good art from your hand. or be an actor or something else take makes 100X more then a visual effect guy. max, zbrush, realflow, ps, vue, they all makes you happy, more importantly, you wont get a chance for the interview if you dont meet some requirement for the software they require. for students and artist who is using pirated software for learning purpose do no harm to the software developer, in fact. they are the potential buyer after they knowing the software well and decide it for business. good luck.
      and P.S.
      RIP Megaupload and filesonic.

  10. First of all we should all understand that if WWW-World Wide Web was not created free, these Software nerds wouldn’t be making money today. How did they get their original knowledge without traveling on this free horse? Can any development facility today say that they are 100% clean in their business practices. They are riding on free horse(WWW) and drooling for their profits.
    I am not arguing that everything should be free. Ok who are all actually pirating the software? Computer Graphics is one field where you CANNOT hide your work, which means if you are creating a great piece of art with an app the world is going to know who you are and how you do, that means you would also be making money which means you would naturally buy and own the software that is worthy, right!
    We are not pirating your software .. We are evaluating if the software is worthy to make a piece of art. Do you know once Autodesk was sending out their own cracked versions to get rich and famous.
    If piracy kills a product, the product is NOT worthy to live in today’s market. Period
    I hope you guys agree with me.

    • i totally said it at best..
      the real piracy and what sopa wants to avoid is in movie business..

  11. guys,is there a plugin to export the mesh to maya or max ?how do i get it

  12. I created a video comparing the speed of Naiad 0.6 vs RealFlow 2012 :)

  13. hey guys please some one post the download link again.all links are dead

  14. Looking from the outside in

    The following link is from em’s site

    it looks like em are savvy to announce studios who are lookin for naiad-able TDs. If I was e.m., I would just give away those licenses to everyone except to the studios in order to generate demand for TDs who in turn demand the software to be available. If that other poster really is from em (which I believe to be next to impossible now): ask yourself why microsoft office is so insanely successful while at the same time sucks very much AND is very crackable. e.g. in some former versions, you just had to know the figures of the serial number sum up to 7 and you could even register the sucker.

    VFX Software is a people business mostly. You just have to spread the word — and thus the software.


  15. hey everyone,
    I have a working licence for Naiad but when I try and do a simulation using the ‘Launch Naiad’ batch mode…using the button next to the reset stepping icon, I get this error about a licence:

    Anyone know how to stop this error?

    ***** NAIAD ERROR: Error checking out license: LM-X Error: (Internal: 429 Feature: NAIAD)

    [NETWORK] 6200@localhost – (Err: 15) Unable to connect to license server
    [NETWORK] 6200@ – (Err: 15) Unable to connect to license server
    [NETWORK] 6200@fe80::2d50:6bce:a292:40d0%14 – (Err: 15) Unable to connect to license server

    For further information go to

  16. i have QTOpenGL.dll
    problem missing
    i download it from the net and still got the probem cat open the program

  17. Hi everyone.
    I can’t see any download links. Can anyone post again?

  18. I installed the software fine, but when I tried to use the “Particle-Scope” node, naiad crashed, and the console window displayed something like
    “Error: C:\users\marcus\nstduio…ParticleScope.h, line409”

    I can’t seem to find such directory called “C:\users\marcus\,” Does anyone know what went wrong here?

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