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44 comments on “Viscorbel – Contemporary Dining Room

  1. hi. can someone recommend me should I take turbobit or bitshare, or shareflare. extabit. which is better? cause what I see that turbobit very similar to fileserve with an affiliate program. that will encouraging more people to upload more good stuff cause you will get pay when there is more poeple downloading your files.

    • hi. I just confirm that turbobit is gone. the service is no longer exist or available in USA. you have to file a dispute from paypal for your refund if your service got effected as long as if turbobit will still relate at paypal to get their payment. you must be act quick if you want your money back if you care about money. I guess the age of the torrent will rise again. none of these filehost server is reliable. they mostly will delete your file in less than 3 days because the megaupload Phobia symptoms infection, or you have to name your file in a different language such is russian or Hindustani, Arabic or chinese maybe. good luck to everyone, may the host with you

  2. Hey guys!
    I hope you learn something from this video.
    Consider buying the next one if you like this and can afford it :)

    • When i find good job, i buy all your tutorials. thanks for the making it.
      But now i can`t buy it, i havn`t money yet, sorry.
      ???? ??? ?????, ??????, ?? ??? ?????? ????? ?????????? ?????? ??????????? ????? ??? ?????????. ?? ????????, ????? ??????????? ????? ?? ??? ? ?.

    • thank you for not being a dick where more people are. you are a gentleman and a scholar

    • wow, thank you for being generous and god bless. I wish you the best and many others will buy your tutorials! Thanks again

    • Guys, I just bought the tutorials on the site. $39 is almost free, so what’s the point in download here? Give value to the work and be valued as well. No excuses, just go to the site and buy as I did. Thank Viscorbel, you are an example for all!!!

  3. I agree. I bought this guys stuff from his website. His stuff is so knowledgeable. Please support people like this instead of ripping him off. I feel real bad when I see this happen. The guy is trying to make a living off this stuff. Share Programs but when you quality tutorials like this, please buy them!

    • People like you, who buy the tutorials are the reason I continue to make these tutorials, so thank you for the support! :)

      • i wish if i can give you 1 million dollars just because you’re awesome

  4. I think it’s a two-sided sword here. Sure, piracy is immoral and illegal, and the guy actually working to do stuff is not getting paid and doesn’t get what he deserves.


    His stuff gets propagated for free on the Internet. People start to hear and know about him – up to a point where big companies, that only BUY stuff, will start to include his products into the buying list. They wouldn’t have heard of the guy otherwise but with the “help” of piracy they did. And you don’t need me to tell you how much you win when that happens.

    Weird, I know, but it actually happens.

  5. You do good tuts man keep up the good work, i’ll would certainly buy one on good studio lighting setups if you did one, a way to throw in stuff and make it look good.

    • Thanks!
      I actually have a small free tutorial for a simple studio lighting setup –

      • VISCORBEL, you’re a gentleman and a scholar.
        Thank you very much for all the effort, love and care you put into this tutorial.
        I shall spread word of your oficial website tutorials to the four winds.
        Please, continue to make more tutorials. You’re an incredible tutor, I hope you get as much as you deserve.
        Peace, bro.
        And thank you.

  6. I bought this tutorial, and it’s excelent, he mentioning that he is doing another tutorial but only for materials, lets support this people

  7. I agree. Please buy this guy’s tutorials instead of sharing. It’s quality stuff.

  8. Thanks, CG Blogger! It’s a shame Freakshare doesn’t work in JDownloader, though.

  9. dear all ,
    cgpeer can’t be openned i tried many times to open it but can’t be open,
    takes many time but it sleepen and then nothing open .
    please help

  10. speeds on these filehosts are ridiculously slow.. 10KB/s to 40 KB/s WTF???? more than 2 hours for one single file with 200mb??? feels like napster all over again..

  11. Ok i won’t dl this, nice karma Viscorbel, wish you the Best :)

  12. I too bought this the other week and was disappointed to see this on here.

    NOT because I wanted it for FREE – but because this guy put a lot of effort into this and he is not charging much.

    If you can afford it please buy it and support this guy, you get a lot for your money and it is in the community’s interest to have future releases.

    Keep rocking VISCORBEL.

  13. Not a problem if anyone and download your tutorial VISKORBEL, I believe that it is not much, as you see from the posts, and maybe someone will learn something from them and to appreciate other people’s work. For the rest is margaritas ante porcos.

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