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  1. Help please..
    I have done this before with no problems. But it is not working this time.
    I installed 3.1.48 (did not run). Generate keyshot3.lic file and put it in keyshot3 directory. I then copied keyshot3.exe to folder.

    When I try to run I get error saying not a valid licence..

    Please can someone help.


    • I see your keygen is for 3.0 and not 3.1 , does that matter?

      I was on 3.0.99 . Should I have first installed 3.1.26 ?

  2. So I re-installed 3.0.99 coz that was working fine but now that does not work either!

    So now I have no version 3 Keyshot and I need it soon please.

    Can someone please help. All my new BIP files are version 3 so my version 3 cannot read them.

  3. Just done a system restore back to yesterday and got my 3.0.99 version working again!

    • Make sure you’re uninstalling and deleting all old version files before installing a new version. KS usually stores its stuff in Documents, so make sure you check there. Run CCleaner and use the Registry Fix tool for shits and giggles. You’re doing something wrong, the programs work fine. Make sure you pay attention when uninstalling but most importantly, you HAVE to delete system32 folder to get it to work!

  4. When you say delete the system32 folder , you dont mean the whole folder do you, what do you mean?

  5. Once I have removed old version is it the same install procedure as previous versions?

    1. Install keyshot 3
    2. Create keyshot3.lic with keygen and copy to keyshot3 folder
    3. Copy keyshot3.exe to keyshot3 folder

    Is this correct?

  6. ok I finally got it working but if I load one of my scenes I notice the emmisive materials are not working. Is this a known issue?

  7. Please don’t tell me you went ahead and deleted or even attempted to delete system32…. If you have or even questioned what I said to be true CG is just not for you and neither is this program. Lets keep in mind that KS is a “real-time-renderer” meaning it’ll drive up your CPU usage to the max and about the same for RAM.

    If your comp is shit (or a Mac, same thing basically) don’t expect it to run properly. Richard, what you said is correct, follow the instructions exactly. You’ll get more help from the forums so please post there.
    …And never touch sys32 folder….

  8. JDownloader won’t accept those two links (says decrypter is out of date) and there’s still no torrent.

  9. Well, I’m just going to have to write this one off, since none of the links work with JDownloader and there still isn’t a torrent available.

    • err…. you know you can download http direct links without jdownloader…. do you?

  10. Takes 2 minutes to import a scene from alias with 3 spheres?
    This shit is seriously wrong dude.
    Bad crack or something is totally FUKKED

  11. Jeyshot simply wont work for me anymore…
    many models are coming with surface errors, Missing surfaces, wierd out of place surfaces connectinf random parts of the object… Im starting to loose hope on my fav render software….
    anyone knows how to fix that?

  12. Hey Man

    Thanks for the crack – you don’t get enough credit for your work. To bad people can’t figure out to install – works perfectly.
    Any chance you will cracking the newest build that supports Solidworks 2010 any time soon?
    Big Up! : )

  13. guys, in install file keyshot3.lic, the system deny because “this paste don’t have permission for write”… change the settings on properties paste not work … what to do?

  14. Hi, y can’t install the program, it says when I select the crecked .lic that is invalid. Whay can I do? Thanks

  15. Guys, esp those having invalid license problems.


    1) Install Keyshot 3 (preferably save it into C:users [your username] Documents KeyShot 3 )

    2) Copy “keyshot.exe” from Crack folder to the ‘bin’ folder, which can be found at where you saved your installation of Keyshot 3..

    3) Start X-FORCE keygen and generate a license file.

    4) Save the license file to the same ‘bin’ folder.

    5) You can run KeyShot 3.

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