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  1. what is different between 2.5.09 and 2.5.10?
    more materials?
    btw there is 2.5.11 too

  2. Got it. Thanks, but in metal shortcut copper alloys and aluminium composite have same shaders, though, they different on previews. Am I alone on this problem?

  3. i have downloaded this package and installed it but dont know how to make it work with 3Ds 2011 i have V-ray 2.0 please anyone help

    Thanks in advance

    (and that help file which is with the package did not worked)

  4. I have the same problem as Shahbaz, I can’t get it to work,
    I install it on 3d max 2012 folder
    go to customize
    select the siger shaders category
    add the new button
    but when clicked… nothing happens.
    I had to go back to the 2.5.09 version, as it did work.
    Does anyone has had this same problem?

  5. Yes same problem…installed but doesn’t work if you look under the folder /script/vmpp/ after installed versione 2.5.10 you can see that something missed during the installation process…

    • yes I noticed that after a few tries, I really don’t know what to do about it.

    • http://www.mediafire.com/?qomqrpyx7r9dlym

      this is another version of the installer I found. At first glance it is complete and it shouldn’t skip the files you have noticed. I hope it works, I haven’t tested it myself, please let me know if it works.

  6. For God! Please, jumbofiles. The Links and Torrent doesnt work here in Brazil.

  7. Password for Filefactory links, cgpersia doesn’t work?
    Thanks for the upload

  8. Please give me a password for Filefactory links,
    “FileFactory Links Password : CGPersia” is not work

    Thank you for the upload

  9. thanks for the upload. i was a lil confused because i have downloaded the via torrent and its not 1045 maps on 2.88GB as mentioned..
    instead its 1028 files on 2.85GB …are some files missing ?

  10. this is sad…after downloading the whole thing i have realized its x86 not x64…

  11. first time using siger….can someone tell me where to find siger shader window in max…i hav no idea where to find proper installation instructions…

    • I think this video will help you..don’t forget to leave comment..!! thank you


  12. come on guys help out…please… i am trying to install this thing on max 2012 x64…is this gonna work? i was able to create the floating button for this but when i click on the button siger window doesnt pop up …nothing happens actually…what am i missing?

  13. You have to run 3ds as administrator.
    Big issue is that in this mode drag en drop is not working.

  14. Two problems which I had regarding the installation and other people seem to be having which I managed to solve…
    (for 3DS Max 2012 64bit, vray 2.0)

    Problem 1.
    I installed Sigershaders but when I went the customize>load customize user interface, I couldnt see it in the catergorys or anywhere!
    I un-installed sigershaders from add/remove hardware in the control panel and re-installed. When It asks you to to direct it to the Root directory for 3ds Max during the installation make sure you choose the right directory because by default it was choosing my 2009 version of max… not my 2012 version of 3ds max 64 which Is what i wanted it for i.e C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012

    Note its not the ‘program files (86)’ folder which is for 32bit
    Once had and directed the installation correctly to the right root directory I was able to Go into customize and add my sigershaders button.

    Problem 2.

    I had the button on my user interface but when I clicked it nothing happened!!!

    3DS max needed to be run as an administrator. I.e select the 3dsmax.exe in your programfiles> right click and then select run as adminstrator. Once I had done this I was able to use my sigershaders button in my 3ds max interface and It all worked.

    to set this permanently…. right click root directory folder C:\Program Files and go to properties> security where you can change you user permisions to ‘full control’

    Conclusion – yes it works for 3ds max2012 64!

  15. i cant use it in 2013 64 bit

    guys, DOES IT WORK IN max 2013 64 ?? please help me

  16. I think this video will help you..don’t forget to leave comment..!! thank you


  17. thanks for material CG Blogger!
    Udanagayan It works perfectly
    win7 x64 2012 v-ray2.0

  18. Hi! I already download all the pack, and I install but first uninstalled the last version that I got.. 2.0, choose right my root folder, and it doesnt appear, and I also open my 3ds with the administrator way, so… Can anyone help me?

    I got:
    3ds Max Design 2013
    Vray 2.3 + RT
    SolidRocks .99

    Note: I always have manage the Design Version and i wasnt had problems before.. but this time, I cant fix it… any ideas?


  19. Ok.. Actually I can manage the Materials, the Vray Presets, but I have to open with the MaxScript… I will try to re-root the folder manually..

  20. no nada ya intente guiar la carpeta de VMM, pero se instala automaticamente dentro de la de Scripts… De tal manera que tenfgo que abrirla desde Max Script y despues Run Script y despues buscar el de Vray Materials… Alguna idea de como crear el boton de VMP? debe de haber alguien que sepa o que le haya pasado lo mismo? Gracias, espero alguna novedad, mientras lo tendre que usar de esta forma, solo me aumenta 2 clicks :s pero que mejor que tenerlo de manera rapida… Gracias

  21. for max 2013 x64 you have to install as normal and then manually run the script located in “Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\UI\macroscripts” called VMPP25x_startup after you run that you will get the buttons in your customize menu

    havent checked but i would think this would work for max design 2013 as well

  22. Hola, cordial saludo
    Estoy en Xp 32b, 3dStudioMax 2012, realize los pasos tal cual, pero cuando doy clic al boton, no hace nada, les agradezco su ayuda!
    ya reinicie e hize todo tal cual uds lo publican y nada

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