8 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Creating an Assault Rifle in Maya

  1. that’s great U.N.Owen
    this will be useful for many users
    thank you

  2. At first look in free videos of it on DT i found out my grandma could model better than this guy !RIP grandma !

  3. Stas Poritskiy is not good at 3d modeling.. he should train more before making the tutorials… but he needs money

    • Hmm, I’d say being a technical director at a studio and saying that he isn’t showing traditional techniques of modelling, rather going into some other advances directions, I’d say he would have the basic modelling techniques down fine. I wouldn’t doubt him. But I think it’s always good to learn new ways!

  4. It says fil too big for free users, please upload a torrent and give link, i need this tutorial

  5. I appreciate everything you guys, do but a link would be awesome!

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