13 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Modeling a Human Marionette in Softimage and ZBrush

  1. awesome U.N.Owen
    already download it, thanks for ul.to links, really fast
    also I’ll respect you and don’t post mirror or torrent for this release ;D
    keep the great work,


  2. I appreciate this one a lot. I just started learning Softimage, and this is a big help with the ZBrush workflow, so once again thank you greatly.

  3. Thanks a lot for this Softimage tutorial. Please upload some of the other Softimage trainings from DT and cmiVFX that have never been released before. Thanks.

  4. ^ ++++ mate please upload the rest of the Softimage tutorials from DT and CMIvfx. Thnaks mate.

  5. I saw a quality model in the picture and “Digital Tutors” in the title and I was confused: did DT start making quality tutorials?
    But after I download it I see that this was only published by them not created and then my confusion gone away.

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