6 comments on “KelbyTraining – Photoshop CS6: Video

  1. please upload torrent admin if u not able to upload torrent please dont uplaod this type of tutorials collection,,,other wise tell use another way how to down load this dvd

    please torrentz…reaply

  2. guys where are u ..please upload torrent for this dvd …i m waiting

    please ,,please ,,reply

  3. Damn dude. You are aware of the CG Persia Torrent website called CG Peers right? That’s where you find torrents. This is the website for file dumps. I’ve been reading these past few posts, and all I see is KRRISH demanding that people do what he tells them too. This isn’t the place for demands man. This is the place where you find what you need, you say thank you, and then you download the files. You definitely don’t come on and tell Admin, (on his own website) that he shouldn’t do something the way he’s always done it. Be nice man, and just about everything will end up on here. Just have some patience, and calm down, otherwise I’m pretty sure, you’re going to get banned.

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