30 comments on “Sitni Sati – FumeFX v3 for 3DsMax

  1. YES!!! thanks so much. can’t wait to test this bad boy. Big thanks to the crackers. Long live CGPersia 🙂

  2. “This crack was made by someone who have the knowledge to crack yes, but, they must have missed some checks. During plugin use, the plugin calls for the lic from time to time just to check, and when it comes to a sertain point or operation, it fails and then it crash. So the plugins will act as fully registred as it is now, but when you “stress” the plugin and use all features it will sooner or later come to a point when it will crash, and those crashes doesn’t happen with a legal lic (I have tried). Also, this crack is based on a older version of AfterFLICS.exe, so a updated and a more proper crack is for sure needed.” Quote from another site

    Exactly what im experiencing, authorization window keeps popping up.

  3. I confirm.
    This version crashes from time to time. Its useless for longer simulations.
    Lest wait for serious crac. X-Force maybe.

  4. cg please upload a torrent of internet download manager with full serial//

  5. Eu gostaria de uma dica p baixar pelo uTorrent, pq eu sempre baixei por ele, mas agora qualquer arquivo que tento baixar nao vem, fica sempre em 0% e nao começa o download nunca.

    • Simples, não possui seeds suficientes … tá f;acil de baixar via HTTP mas todos os cracks estão com problemas, ou seja funcionam por um tempo e travam.

  6. Hey guys.I need 2010 version of fumefx 3.0.Apparently there isn’t 2010 version but . check out this video https://vimeo.com/40907658 .As you can see uses 3ds max 2010.Please help me.How ı find 2010 version?

  7. https://rapidshare.com/files/1151131610/FumeFX_3.0.1_3DsMax_2011_2012_2013.rar

  8. other link.

  9. how we can we can link multiple obj in the fume fx ?

    like if we have human and every part having animation
    do we have create many source for the obj
    or simple we can link many obj to one source only?

    please answer on my mail id


  10. Hey guys, I can’t seem to get it to work. the tx file says to choose manual authorization and then enter whatever u want, i’ve tried a few different things but whatever i enter it just goes back into afterflics window and reports licence error 0. im new to windows/3ds max too so pretty stumped. is there any obvious mistake i might be making? how soon can we expect a better version of this crack?

  11. Thanks a lot. I’m downloading the Filefactory mirror. Will share if anything.

    Keep it up guys. We love you!

  12. Does anyone got this to work?
    I have problems getting it to open it UI

    I can install it fine and crack it withouy any problems.
    But when I have to open the FumeFX UI, it simply doesnt want to open the UI window.
    Anyone else have this problem?

  13. Thanks man!! this is one of the most amazing plugin I ever seen. Thanks alot.

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