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13 comments on “SmithMicro Poser Pro 2012 SR2 Win/Mac

  1. Jesus they still make this shitty software. Why not bring back Bryce or Truespace while you are at it? Next people will say Blender is a legitimate software for VFX and film. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. Funny… I knew there would be a comment like Gramorphabits comment. I just didn’t think it would be the first one. First off, for independent artist programs such as this one allows for a competent base model to began with. Little do you know both poser and Daz have been used to pitch the visual aesthetics of some of your favorite films. The only reason it sucks to you is that they cater to beginners so the work mostly seen is from beginners. Even most of your leading programs use some sort of automated process you yourself don’t create. So let those beginners grow! Bottom line this is a place for artist and artist alike to enjoy the treasures brought to us by our good pirate friends who risk there hides to to bring us treasures. If the treasure don’t appeal to your rich taste DON\T CLICK AND SQUAT ON ANOTHER MANS LUTE!!!!

    • well said and I’d bet everything I own that Gramorphoshits couldn’t model a human being to save his life and that his work is almost certainly shite and that he has never been nor ever will be employed as a CG artist.

  3. Now I can say thanks to the person that posted poser for the one’s who inspire to be. So people forgot or was to “young” to know that this is one of the programs that introduced the 3d era we’re in today.

    • I couldn’t agree more, has for myself am a beginner in 3D and just can’t get started, there’s so many choices out there. I’m getting my hands on this one to start.

  4. I don’t get why everyone says Blender sucks. That’s what I started with in 96, and I still see quality coming from them. If you can name a feature that Maya or Max has, there’s a free version of it built into Blender. Does it have ALL the bells and whistles Maya and Max does? Absolutely not. Can it still do quality work if it’s used by someone who knows how to use it? Absolutely. The old adage goes “It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.”
    As for Poser, I’ve never really been able to use it well enough to get anything usable out of it, but that doesn’t mean someone who really knows how to use it couldn’t produce quality. The reason there’s so many software options out there, is to give all of us options. Max can make some damn fine models, but Maya can make organic models looks a lot better, Zbrush makes Maya look like crap, but each and everyone of these software packages has it’s benefits, and draw backs. Why bother saying anything sucks, when they can be used to make some great looking CG and games? I mean you are getting this for free. Get it all, try it all. Be open to using it all.

  5. I look at poser as a primitive tool. like Spheres ,Boxes and teapots.

    If you were any kind of a modeler or animator you would easily see the value of this tool. I would never use it to render . but to export obj pose key frames and add to a morph in 3dsmax you now have a flawless rigged motion.

    Open in Daz and export a fully rigged skinned and weighted character in collada *.dae format to import to max with free collada plugin. export to FBX and bring into Motion builder . all the models are quaded perfectly.. Bring the head into ZBrush subdivide it and add all the detail you desire and export obj or Normal map .
    In Poser change the bone structure and nose , lips , eyes..ect and race you like and still have a fully working model . If you like re-inventing the wheel thats your business ,,, but if you were any kind of a true artist you would see the raw potential clearly and easily.. CG artist/modeler/animator programmer c/c++/TASM/PASCAL using 3dstudio and 3dsmax 1994-2012 ;)

  6. Hello.
    I am missing part 4,5,6,7,8,9 from poser for mac on turbobit.
    Can anybody reup these parts please???

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