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70 comments on “Viscorbel – Exterior Visualization

  1. This is great!!! Always Viscorbel making great tutorials!! I’ll buy my own copy!! Thanks Viscorbel!!

    • Hi, how to download the videos of Viscorbel ? Exterior Visualization, that is impossible. no links. could you guide me please.

  2. Viscorbel, remember that name, this guy gonna be the one

  3. Hey this guys stuff is awesome, if you can afford it you should really purchase it and support him. Its only 45 euros! and its worth every cent. I don’t have much cash but I chose to support this author. Do the right thing ;)

    • Yeah, unfortunately this is more expensive to me since the money that I use is almost twice cheaper than Euro, but still cheap. He is incredible awesome and deserves support, if you have the money BUY IT.

      Thanks though uploader

  4. Viscorbel right now is the best – better than Gnomon or Digital Tutors or CMIVX and all the others. Viscorbel is just too clear, too good.

  5. Guys Please Buy some tutorials its rather good to support a guy who is trying much hard. i will be buying something from him in a week :)

  6. Hi, I have problem with unpacking these files:
    – 13_Birch_Tree.mp4
    – overcast_day.max
    shows me unknown password :/
    For rar archive I typed CGPersia and rest files unpacked without problems.

  7. They actually need 15 hours of tutorial for this? Seems to much to me.

  8. i love this guy viscorbel, he is for sure one of the best 3d artists out there, its true, we have to give him not onley respect, we have to give him some money too.

    in the last couple of months i have taken so many tutorials of all kinds of stuff from the internet, now i wanna give something back to the community.

    but i am from bulgaria, im a student, i don`t have the fucking money to buy all this stuff, what can i do, how can i help, and now i’m feeling a little bit guilty and shameful about all this situation, but what can i do?

    • You do like any moneyless student, download softwares and tutorials for free. That’s good that you feel guilty, it means you have some respect for people that are making videos. Hopefully after your studies, you will get a paid job thanks to all these great techniques you learn with Gnomon, DT, Viscorbel etc. From this point, you will no longer download but pay for them. That’s how it works !

  9. what the fuck is wrong with this guy? putting his own tutorial on cgpersia and adding positive comments by himself. It’s too obvious.

    • Just happen that the people feel that Viscorbel deserves those 45 euros because of his talent and quality as teacher. I only download it here because I really don’t have the money to buy.

      • stop bullshitting you pathetic. no one here thinks that way. your business will parish because of your stupidity. we will never pay for your shit

        • yeap we always have a batshit crazy ungrateful like you mate
          you get it free and still have the audacity to say this about the tutorial and the author?
          it’s simple, if you don’t like don’t download it!

        • it’s perish, you ingrate … maybe you should visit a “parish” and say a prayer for YOUR business. YOUR business will fail because you can’t spell!!!

  10. thx it’s realy awesome , but I don’t have money to buy it
    u r like school for meh thx guys

  11. trust me this tutorial’s owner will go out of business within a half year from now on. his tutorial may be good but marketing sucks. thinking that putting his own stuff on piracy site can promote his product. this will be the first day of your down fall.

    • I’d have to be completely daft to upload my own work here. Do you think cmivfx, DT, gnomon, fxphd and others also upload their own work? If so, you are delusional.

      • how are you man ??
        what are you doing here? !!!!! and defend yourself

        any way thanks a lot for your hardwork i really appreciate that !

        • I’m doing ok, thanks :)
          I just saw an increase of traffic from this site so I checked it out.
          While I understand that all my work is going to get out here sooner or later, I’m certainly not uploading it myself.

          Anyway, support me if you can, if not – maybe you’ll learn something and someday give your knowledge back to the community.

    • This must be viscorbel too… pathetic… He has to realise that we cgpersians don’t really say such things “support” “donate” “buy”.
      We only know how to pirate things.
      Thank you for supporting us and proving that we are free to pirate anything in the world. because of a person like you we do not fear at pirating. haha Stop trying so hard, no one will pay for your shit.
      I just feel bad for those who have purchased this tutorial if there is any.
      the comments on your site and facebook appear to be 99% fake all created by you. You should be an actor NOT a CG instructor. In that way, you can make more more money :)

      SeverNaya, thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. But you made viscorbel happy by pirating his stuff. He seems like his pretty excited and thrilled about bringing some traffic to his site through cgpercia.. what a dumb

  12. this is viscorbel. haha you are so obvious.
    if not, just let you know viscorbel is not only a good guy but also a stupid.
    He give a smile and greet pirates when his stuff got officially stolen. This makes me crack up so hard. hahahaha

    • Geez! Sounds like you’ve got a hard on for this guy! Shall we arrange a group buy to get you a room together?!

      • @GummyMummy
        please, dont feed the troll.
        this “wtf-guy” is a selfish motherfucker.
        he got no respect for anything, hes a loser, hes mentally ill, hes paranoid, he thinks we all are viscorbel, hahahaha :-)

    • ..oops. My LOL response was for GummyMommy. That was a good one,pal!!!

  13. for those who can afford to buy this stuff its there own conscience if they download it or not its up to them..but for those who cant afford to buy this stuff like for those people who cant afford to go to expensive 3D school they have no choice but to grab this opportunity,,but i hope people who learned something in this tutorial will also share what they learn in the near future.. you cant prevent people buying your stuff and uploading it to the internet,,,even big companies cant do nothing about it even if they cry..right now for those people who are looking at there work being uploaded in every site and being appreciate ..all you have to do is praise yourself that your the best among the best and said thank god my work is not if you cant see your work being uploaded maybe you create an ugly job that means they are ashamed to upload it…

  14. Hi,

  15. Hi guys, I have problem with unpacking these files:
    – 14_Adding plants to scene.mp4

    shows me unknown password :/
    For rar archive I typed CGPersia and rest files unpacked without problems.
    help me plz.

  16. any one can upload the cad plan only.I will be very grateful….plz ………plz

    • yes, impossible to upload on freakshare? filefactory really sucks over here.

    • this is getting ridiculous. aint there someone that has the file r10 and can up it somewhere else please?

  17. Is it so difficult to use Google?? ;)

    • Are you really stupid enough to not know that you can type the word ‘viscorbel’ in the search field at cgpeers and press enter?

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