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33 comments on “SIDEFX HOUDINI MASTER V12.0.683 Win/Mac/Linux – XFORCE

  1. something is off… there is a .rar file missing (at least on the mac ver)
    Could you perhaps fix that? nice program, weird packing though.

    Thank you.

  2. On OSX, License Keys dont work:

    – SERVER Key is OK
    – LICENSE Generic: Invalid license key specified, Error with operation

    Anyone got it working?

  3. Got it running, eternal thanks!

    For the OSX Version, use the Linux-Keygen to create license keys / Win-Keygen keys don’t seem to work (as for me)

  4. Ok the win keygen works with mac lion, but the render-plus license is not accepted. Remember to include the correct server …. Yourserver.local with generating

  5. could someone upload just the crack? The app is available on SideEffects Website….

  6. thanks for the upload but i am getting an error message for the 1st key which is start from:- SERVER -Name of server- server code – and then key .
    what should i do please help the rest of the 4 key’s install successfully.
    (i am using it on windows 7 64bit)

  7. This is retarded. Xforce never failed me before but this is obviously above their class. As with a previous version only the first “string” works. The other keys (2-5) will give an error. I give up. Thanks Xforce, another useless Houdini “crack”.

    • This is probably a sign from the divinity that XSI is doing well and I should stick with it. I’m probably being punished for trying other 3d apps. ^^

    • You hear that sound Crackhead….? That’s the sound of nobody giving a shit what you think…

      It worked fine for me, and others… For those who are smart enough to follow directions apparently…

  8. why are you guys trying to use keys anyways? there is a crack that its been around since houdini 6, that works and just works. and its a single file that is copied into a folder and done :) no strings no keygens. i’ve been using it for as long as i can remember. do your homework.

    • Instructions…

      stop the hserver service, download the red crack (

      unrar it into system32. (replace the original)

      start the hserver service.



  9. Guys ! waiting for torrent ;) please do it fast, we really appreciate your efforts ! :)

    • Hey Friends, Here is the link for torrent !

    • hey bro i just cracked it and its just working fine Follow the instruction in the install.txt, make sure to disconnect your internet before cracking, Its working like a charm for me :D

        • @Mario .txt file is included in the folder and crack also, just follow the instructions ! It should work for u also

  10. Works like a charm.. Thanks.. Had tried to install it about ten times.. Then finally cracked it :)

  11. Even though not simple to crack works perfectly, thanks a lot for sharing!!!

  12. SOLVED OSX install:

    After 1.000.000 x trial and error i finally got it working on OSX…

    The solution is simple: (Mainly because I got the most basic stuff wrong, ignorant as I may be), and that is; that I got the SERVER NAME and SERVER ID/CODE wrong by using the “sesictrl -n” command to get them… Thus believing that the SERVER CODE included the SERVER NAME in it. From reading the instructions here and there, i figured that I needed to copy all of it. No… It is only the last digits in the SERVER CODE, that should be used. Stupid yes, but I might not be the only one out there…

    So… I used VMWARE fusion to run a version of the keygen through linux, and by running the keygen through the terminal in linux, using the correct SERVER NAME and CODE (CODE is ID in linux terminal version of keygen.) Everything is now working…


    So… The simple, in my case working, OSX step by step, as my brain would have understood it:

    (First I’ll add that I have little Snitch blocking the license administrator. I don’t know if that has anything to do with cracking the thing, but if you want to make sure, please install little snitch and create a new rule blocking the license administrator before proceeding.)

    1: Install Houdini 12.
    (If it’s already installed, just delete the contents of the folder “sesi” in ‘System/Library/Preferences/sesi’ to reset the licenses)

    2: Go to: /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Your Version/Resources/houdini/sbin
    – Move the file named ‘sesinetd’ to the trash. Enter password if prompted.
    – Copy the cracked sesinetd into the folder. Enter password if prompted.

    3: Secure the right permissions of ‘sesinetd’ by opening terminal and
    cd /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/YOUR VERSION/Resources/houdini/sbin
    Then writing:
    sudo chmod 755 sesinetd

    (Drag the paths and files to the terminal if that’s easier.)

    4: Open ‘license administrator’ under administrative tools in the applications/houdini folder, and under the ‘Server Information’ write down the License server host and the License server code.

    5: Open the keygen either in crossover, wmware, linux, pc or whatever and use the server host and server code to generate the licenses. (I used linux MINT under vmware to run the linux keygen in the terminal.)

    6: Enter the keys manually starting with the serverkey. (The 1st key that is generated.) Hereafter enter the other 10 licenses as it is stated in all of the other guides.

    7: Checkpoint: If done correctly, after inserting and applying the server license, the license administrator will no longer show a red dot with a white cross, stating that your server license isn’t valid. It will simply say: “ok”

    That worked out for me. No restarting osx or shutting down or restarting the license admin.

    Good day to you, and thank you for all of it.

    PS. One thing though… It seems like there are no icons in the menus and tabs in the program… But i figured that might not apply to all who follow this guide. But maybe… So if you experience this, please respond.

  13. It does not work for me!

    Worked for a while but any other day I tried to launch houdini the license administrator just froze and says connecting to license server but nothing happens.

    any idea?

  14. I tried for a really long time, but when I get to the key entering part, it always says that the keys are invalid. I’ve tried multiple different things such as turning my internet off during the whole process, several different instructions…I just can’t seem to get it to work. What might I be doing wrong? I’ve tried so many different times and I really want to get this to work. Btw, trying to install it on OSX Mountain Lion.

  15. It Works like a charm on windows 7 x64.keep up the good work XFORCE

  16. To work you need to copy the file manually sesinetd.exe. (64 bit version to a folder – SysWOW64, for 32-bit version of the program in a folder – System32) Not through Total Commander!

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