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21 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Designing Scary Film Monsters in ZBrush

  1. ;)))Hello .
    Please upload the torrent !!
    -the torrent :(

  2. Why torrent?
    Just download different part from those mirror.
    Since this is the new torrent direct download will be faster than torrent anyway.

  3. @anony
    Torrent is the easiest way to download. You just set it and forget it while download those parts will take more time and effort as most of people are only using free services that are slow and require a lot of waiting time.

    • Normal just use Nitrobits for the timebeing bro. I know its more energy consuming then a torrent and even I would love a torrent but the nitrobit links are good. Don’t need captchas and are resume capable and are fast too!! :)

    • Move on buddy!! Who is a beggar? We at CGpersia share for each other!! N if someone likes torrents he or she would ask for it!! You can’t upload or help its ok but don’t bother saying foolish lines like yours!!

  4. What program you use to rip the videos? I got a DT membership and would like to record the vids to share. Latest tubedigger version is not working, sadly.

  5. Thanks for posting torrent link. but its for the members only. could you please upload it elsewhere, so we can download it. It is really very tiring to wait for free download slot and slow download speed, and in my case, it takes some several tries to download single file.

  6. I agree,
    When morons get on here, and get butt hurt because people ask for software, it pisses me off. Everyone leeches off of someone in this community. If you have a sharing problem, go to the seek and destroy guys. They don’t like sharing shit, and have sticks in their asses for sure.

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