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35 comments on “The Gnomon Workshop – ‘ARCHETYPE’ VFX Breakdown – Lighting and Rendering Pipeline

  1. firt one too comment yay! thank you, i saw the actual thread for that model in zbrush is nice to see how the finishing is done. Although i`m not a fan of gonomon workshops…

  2. at least you should give credit to original uploader who is jpenguin!
    bat-shit crazy indian leecher!

  3. The lighting and texturing part is part of the entire process that I try to teach people with this material. The compositing and finish of the shot is as important as the lighting and shading setup.
    Yes, I am the author of this tutorial.

    • I see. We all appreciate you sharing your tutorial with us mate and thanx for the quick response cheers.

    • Kudos Rob for maintaining a cool and calm composure whilst being robbed. A skill that can save your life…

      Thanks for the knowledge!

      • It was a matter of time before my material hit the torrents. It happens. Tell ya what, if you downloaded this and you meet me at a siggraph or whatever…buy me a beer. seems fair.

        • Better deal yet…
          If we converted those 1500+ people that downloaded my material (cgpeers only!) to people who bought the tutorial…I’d buy everyone here a beer at siggraph.

          • At the moment there are bout 5700 of us here. Thats a lot of beer!
            But I guess you’d have made a cool $103k and you’d be able to afford that easy.

            In a perfect world, tutorials AND beer would be free.

          • give us your paypal address we will send you whatever people can afford if they download

            • How about instead of giving me $1 or $5 or whatever you think you can afford, donate to a charity instead. I say this because if I start “selling” my materials for less than Gnomon does, that’s not cool/fair to them. This way if you can afford it, a charity that’s worthwhile, imo, gets some funds.
              Here are a few I would recommend.


            • Will do. Wouldnt hurt to put your paypal up as well for donations, just in general. You’ve got some mad Nuke skills and got me thinking I need to get into it. AE is just so fast and easy but Nuke seems better suited for massive projects. Please keep making tutorials, you teach well!

  4. if possible please reload for Nitrobits,
    none of the links are working at the moment
    thanks, biomio

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    • VRAY 1.2.6 for Cinema 4D R13 WIN + Update

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  6. thanks a lot

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  7. ah shit the guy who posted these must have erased them. I will make a request in warez-bb and see If I can find working links for you

  8. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease re-up part 5. It’s the only left for me!!!

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