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  1. Thanks a lot brother. Do you have maya plugin, it would help a lot. Thanks!

  2. I made everything right like readme request, but don’t work! The software still request connection internet!! Someone had sucess?!
    Thanks anyway

  3. It doesn’t work because of the video card. It was registered on GeForce GT 555M and I have GTX 560 and it doesn’t it says GeForce 560(failed) but demo works perfect with my card… so the crack is not good… Please put another crack!

  4. Yes, there are some problems with the crack that’s trying to be worked out. Please be patient. :)

  5. Does run with firewall blocking outgoing ports on Win7 x64 and Win8 x64 but does not display meshes. Tried in 4 different x64 wkstations. Using demo Demo does display right meshes with cuda 2GB GeForce GT 640M latest driver but when running same scene on the one here it does launch and seems to load scene but when hit render it reports error ( in red lower right on display screen) Display screen does not show any geometry, stays grey. Something is wrong with this fix. I was hoping it worked :-(

  6. Torrent for what? This version doesn’t work… so a torrent is useless.

  7. Ugh. This build isn’t for GTX 6xx cards. Getting the same “failed” message here w/ a GTX 660M.

  8. ATI cards are great and more cheap…. the problem it?s the software, companies prefer to develop Cuda instead of OpenCL.

  9. So does the Demo version work with CUDA 5? Because I have a grey screen in my official demo test scenes where the viewport should be.

  10. it opens normally but after loading mesh and textures dont render please help
    please some one post poser plugin

    • Man, it do not work! The crack is wrong, this post is useless. Read more here http://forum.cgpersia.com/f19/req-octane-render-1-0-finale-out-63947/index3.html. The software is not so expensive. BUY IT!

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