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    • @ dimetilami
      This is how can add other non-installable plugins too. including gizmos in the toolbar.

      With the download, you got menu.py and init.py. Add the lines from the init.py to the init.py in the Plugins folder(e.g: C:\Program Files\Nuke6.3v4\plugins). also copy the .dll file with one .manifest file to this folder.

      go to the folder:
      C:\Users\Youraccountname\.nuke folder. Here you have the menu.py(A) file. Copy the lines from the menu.py(B) file from Bokeh and paste it in the menu.py(A)..e.g

      #Bokkeh –here you can write any comment as hashes make a line comment. you can add this line in init.py file also before the actual script.

      toolbar = nuke.toolbar(“Nodes”)
      toolbar.addCommand( “Peregrine/pgBokeh”, “nuke.createNode(‘pgBokeh’)”, icon=”pgBokeh.png”)

      copy the pgBokeh.png icon supplied from boken into this (.nuke) folder also.

      *.py: THE .PY FILE CAN BE OPEN WITH NOTEPAD to edit it.

  1. i can t install it with the instruction. iits said -no plugin named pgBokeh found- and i paste all the data in he plugins folder, and made the change in the menu.py and init.py … any help?
    i think its not reading the pgBokeh.dylib file…

  2. Sorry..Something to be changed here.

    pgBokeh.dll in the plugins folder and the msvcm80.dll and other dll files in the Nuke 3.4 root folder. You’ll have to replace the old. dll files in the nuke folder. (better to copy them).
    The plugin gets configured in the init.py file
    and its interface in the menu.py file

    But there is no LICENSE. I just installed it but without license. The license requires a RLM service to be installed. Like we have services for other plugins.

  3. where di I get the license, can’t use the plugin without a license :/

  4. I dont understand either. I tried to install, folowing the instruction but I have the message “no valid license available”

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