8 comments on “PeregrineLabs – Yeti v1.2.0 For Maya 2012 – 2013.5 Win64

  1. only support Renderman_3Delight_VRay and Arnold renderer
    no chance for MentalRay 🙁

    • welll, u can have anrold and vray for maya, i dont see that much problem.

      Anyway, can someone point me to some tutorials or documentation?

  2. i`ve assigned arnold and vray shaders to hair but i don`t get it to render hair with any of those renderers.nothing on the docs for rendering.succes anyone?

  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/peregrinelabs?feature=watch here on their channel u can see some basic videos about Yeti for maya 🙂 to get u guys started.

  4. Awesome stuff! just having a bit of trouble understanding how to install this? can anyone please give me details on how to install for maya13.5?

  5. Is there something similar for 3ds max ? specially for generatin feathers…

  6. i have problem to render yeti hair with arnold renderer(yeti 1.2 maya 2013 arnold vesion .21)
    what can i to do ??
    is there any tutorial ???!!!
    somebody help me 🙁

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