17 comments on “Solidangle – Softimage to Arnold (SitoA) v2.6.0 Win64 – MnT

  1. A royal render engine for a royal 3d application! Thanks!
    (I pity Maya and 3dsMax users)

    • Why pity other users? I’ve used Xsi in production for years, and I can say that it is far beyond Maya. Every software has its own good and bad things, but maya has the least problems. I can assure you.
      I don’t mean to start argiung here , just a note.


      • You can’t even assure me that you exist as a person. I mean how would I know that you’re not an A.I. emerged from the multitude of internet systems? Maybe you’re just a mindless bot talking senseless crap… nobody can assure me of anything.

      • @X.
        Can you tell me in which department has Softimage fallen behind. I guess you mean the number of SI users compared to Maya. Yeah that’s true. Accept that I see SI as one of the best 3d app. Even a bit better than Maya.

        Come on dude, it is unnecessary to fight for SI all the time. It makes SI look weak.

        • MnT, is that you? Where do you know my other pseudo-name from? I’d like you to stop using it, what were you thinking?

  2. Thanks.
    Softimage IS weak. Maya is better…now. That being said, I use SI still.

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