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Viscorbel Creating V-Ray materials Volume 01 | 3.63GB
This 8 and a half hour video will show you how I approach material creation in V-Ray. It?s fully narrated and I try to explain everything I?m doing.
I?ll show you how to create more than 70 materials, which can be further modified to make countless variations. The techniques I?m using can be mixed and matched, or used to create completely different materials. This video will show you some tricks you can apply to your own work in more than one way.
Here is a quick outline of what you?ll see
Making seamless textures in Photoshop
Creating bump/reflection maps (including hand-painting a custom wrinkle bump map)
Creating custom dirtmaps
Creating all the materials from scratch
Creating advanced materials with VRayBlendMtl
Creating custom parquet/tile patterns in 3Ds MAX and Photoshop