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  1. Hi, I’m trying to install the license for windows following the steps in the text file but I can’t make it work, anyone could please help me with the steps?? Thanks.

  2. The Crack don?t run. Please tutorial to instal win 64.
    1.Install Your Foundry Product
    2.Install FLT7
    3.Stop Foundry License Server
    4.Copy the cracked rlm.foundry.exe over the original
    one (C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\\LicensingTools7.0\bin\RLM\rlm.foundry.exe?
    5.Edit xf_foundry.lic replacing HOST_NAME MAC_ADDRESS PORT .
    you can start
    Foundry License Utility and choose Diagnostics and
    Run Diagnostics, you will find your hostname, your
    mac address (System ID)
    PORT is by default 5053

    6.Copy the xf_foundry.lic to
    C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM

    7. Open now foudnry licence utility on the section licence install go bring your licence xf_foundry.lic in the program data and drag it to the licence section in foudnry licence utility then you will have a message said that your licence is succeed,

    8. go back to your services in control panel, administritive tools, services, then right click ont he services foudry all of them and start them and also, flexlm,

    9. back to your foudry licence utility and start rlm server

    And the program don?t run,
    help please

  3. cube: did you have any problem (popup window or something) when dragging the lic file into the licence utility?

    the instruction did not work on my computer for the single machine, but following your lines did the job on my x64 win7

    make sure your mac address is only 12 character long (actually, the last 12 char of the line displayed in the licence utility). That was my mistake

    again, make sure you’re stopping the services as an administrator. If needed, you can right click on c:/windows/system32/taskmgr.exe and select “run as admin”. then in the services tab, stop the foundry licence server

  4. I follow’d all Instructions , but when I activate Mari , then I have this message : Error Code -4925
    The license is already installed.

    I have no clue what’s wrong

  5. What should I do? Error Message:
    Server returned an error. Details: This key is not recognised. Please check it carefully and try again. Please contact [email protected].

  6. allright… for those that it does not work.. try this. delete all the lice files and .opt files from:
    program data/the foundry/rlm
    program files/the foundry/rlm
    start the utility and stop server, then run diagnostics.
    you will get at the very top your info, these are what you will need:
    Host name: XXXX (name of your pc)
    System ID : XXXX (mac adress)
    copy the xf_foundry.lic to
    program data/the foundry/rlm
    edit it this way
    to this
    HOST Hostname systemid 5053

    Leave the word HOST,
    change HOST_NAME to your host name from the utility ex work-pc or whatever name it has
    change MAC_ADDRESS to your SYSTEM ID from the utility example: 98904df42323
    change PORT to 5053
    and save the .lic file after editing.
    now in the utility go to the install license tab and drag that xf_foundry file you edited and it will install it.
    start the RLM server and then run mari.

  7. Thanks pidgey, did all your steps but still no luck :( Are you sure its the systemid and not one of my 3 MAC Addresses?

  8. Hey guys,
    I had the same issues of not working, Error Code -4925 and so on, bad diagnostic.. i even tried version 1.6, installing and reinstalling many times.
    the whole thing is just CAPITAL LETTERS.
    when you change the *.lic file and put your host name and MAC address – put it in small letters and no “-“. this line for example:
    HOST roger-pc 001gf0942468 4101

    it should work! :)

    PS – X-Force – thanx!@#!@#!

  9. need help HOST ginas-pc 8d895cc917 5053 what is wront pleas make a fix exe for all products from The Foundry

  10. In editing the file “xf_foundry.lic” I do not understand is the “HOST_NAME MAC_ADDRESS PORT”. That it? What write there and how should be written there?
    People please write an example how it should be written in the file “xf_foundry.lic” ? I would appreciate.

  11. one possible issue is the port number, mine was not 5053.
    that caused the problem.
    check your diagnostic windows after it failed starting your server,
    and you can get this kind of warning:
    WARNING : port 5053 specified in server line. Non-standard port, is this intentional? Change to 4101 for the standard Foundry port.

  12. To solve the problem,
    1-Simply run the trial option in Mari,
    2- Close the software, open it again and retrieve and Copy the System ID ( some people has multiple IDs ( if you running on network )
    3- back to your .lic File, and paste your ID, Mine for Example ((003048bexx1b 003048bexx1a))
    4- Stop RlmServer, Copy your .LIC into the Foundry license server
    5- Restart Server
    6-Activate Licence And write PORT@ your system IDs for example mine was
    5054@003048bexx1b 003048bexx1a

    7- Enjoy

    • Where do you put the the port @? I have the foundry license utility still open
      6-Activate Licence And write PORT@ your system IDs for example mine was
      5054@003048bexx1b 003048bexx1a

      Copypasta from: https://cgpersia.com/2013/03/the-foundry-mari-2-0v1-win64-xforce-28583.html#ixzz2OHQWfrPw

  13. Hey guys, each time i drag the license file into the utility it stops working!! Anybody experienced this?? Need help

    • same go’s here every time i try to replace it its says its alrdy active also after i restart the pc i also tryd to look in the task manager and cant find anything there as well PLZ o PLZ H E L P

  14. I install it as instructed and there are no any errors when I run the diagnostic, but when I start Mari it asks for activation, purchase or trial licence, what is the problem now ??? anyone ???

  15. @ U.N.Owen:
    Thanks for your contributions and for making this forum a learning experience for those who want to learn.

    @ how to crack?:
    Follow the instructions above either “pidgey’s” or “CUBE’s”,you must think while reading the instructions. It took me a while to finally get things going but it works fine.

    • Need help.
      Utility tel me only administrator can restart the server??? I am a mac user on a brad new PC! need help

      • In diagnostics, “User has admin privileges: NO” ??? Why? I’m the only user on my PC… And the Admin?

  16. Hi guys Im trying to Stop the Foundry License Server.

    How do i do this

    When I try to copy rlm.foundry.exe over the original one (C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\\LicensingTools7.0\bin\RLM\rlm.foundry.exe”

    I keep getting denied. It says that the file is open with another program

  17. Also I had installed a full trial of Mari and Im wondering if thats cause any problems.

  18. Firstly… Thanks so much!!

    When I run the software asks me activation. I did everything as it is in the text file but it doesn’t works :(

    Can anyone help me pls? ?

  19. hi
    that failed to install, try this.

    Install FLT
    open task manager>Services> right botton in Foundry Licence Server>Stop;
    copy xf_foundry to >Program Data>The Foundry>RLM
    open and modify them.
    host ( name pc)
    mac Adress ( right click) in network connections>STATUS>Details, and copy the first numbers ( physical adress) to file xf_foundry
    ex:Host user-pc E950GB07RB88 5053
    user-pc = name pc
    E950GB07RB88= physical adress
    5053 = Port

    install Mari
    Open Program and enjoy.

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    • FLEXlm server does’nt want to start in control panel, administritive tools, services

  21. Hey, thanks a lot, i tried to install v 1.6 but it didn’t work. But this version worked immediatly after the first installation, so thanks again and keep on the good work.

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