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41 comments on “V-Ray 2.20.01 and 2.30.01 for Maya 2009-2013 x86 and x64 WIN

  1. Thanks a lot for your hard work !
    Any news of a Linux release (as said on forum)…?

  2. Thank you Thank you !

    Anyone know what is new in this release ?

  3. When I tried to render with “vray for Maya2012 and 2013″
    It showed ” Render interrupted” and I can only got a blue image.
    Somebody can help me with this? Does it works with yours?

    • Try this, reinstall and when it asks to enter the license info, just click cancel.

      • I tried clicking on CANCEL button when installation was completed .. did this process almost three times … still getting the same error
        could not obtain a license 10061 =[

  4. I get error during installtion, even after that, it says its the changelog for 2.2, not 2.3.

    Maya 2013X64

  5. godfuckingdammit
    THANKS! I live in a third world country, but if I could, I would donate. As a freelancer, words cannot express my gratitude.

  6. Add a torrent you fockers !! i swear, you people are idiots, why not add a torrent which is the most convenient way to download a file.. at least for me.. add it you ameri-fags

    • CGPeers is down at the moment….. fuckhead.

      You could also download it and post it on a torrent site yourself instead of being a lazy, greedy piece of dog shit.

  7. plus, 3 people until now says it’s not working, so you’re just wasting up everyone’s time you c-unts ]]

  8. Doesn’t work for Maya 2013 crack error license…. missing file vray20XX.dll in the folder crack

  9. por favor ayuda, despu?s de instalar vray ni siquiera aparece en plugin manager, e intentado de muchas maneras y no funciona please help me

  10. ayuda por favor despu?s de instalar ni siquiera aparece en plugin manager, e intentado muchas formas y no funciona, mil gracias a quien pieda ayudar, HELP PLEASE

  11. Maya2012x64
    // Error: Could not obtain a license (10061). //
    anyone help?

  12. torrent:

  13. VRay working fine on my Autodesk Maya 2013 X64 not SP1 I think.
    I copyed
    cgauth.dll and vray.dll into C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\vray\bin
    and copyed vray.dll into C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\bin

    • thanks man! It is working now. I replaced the files in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\vray\bin, but I didn’t replace another “vray.dll” in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2013\bin

  14. For me it worked in Maya 2013, install the full version Vray and remove all old files before, and make sure the folder has administrator permission for write not having problems. ;)

  15. Both this link get x86

    2013 x64:
    2013 x86:

  16. file not found…
    2009 & 2013?. link Doesn’t work?!
    plz provides us a link to download..

  17. it’s not run.
    i dont see “vray20XX.dll” file anywhere.
    i see file “vary.dll” and “cgauth.dll” only
    please help me! What should I do?

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