13 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Understanding the Basics of nHair in Maya

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    DON’T USE: rapidg, upload, ruyshare, etc.

      • No sleep with girlfriend for you, cgfx thinks he is a god among men.

        Mega thanks from mofool for this release.

  2. what the hell is mofool talking about sleeping w/ gf. Must be another idiot who doesn’t think before answering. People ask for faster servers, not sleeping with someone. If god wanted a person to be stupid, he would have put a butt on their head, and head on their butt; that’s why they’re called butthead.

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  4. I think the persons who do not like the servers the unloader chooses should look somewhere else. If they put here comments related to such issues they should be banned from this forum.
    In this way everybody wins.
    This forum – while the others will not waste their time with fucking comments which has nothing to do with the media.
    They – while they be free to create their own forum and put their stuff where ever they like.

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