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14 comments on “Navi? Plants & Effex 2.0 R14 Only iND – Win/MAC

  1. Torrent|

  2. Some of you guys install it? i just don?t understand a shit….what about the krakatoa files inside??

  3. Hi guys, I so in other site how to install:

    “1. You need to download this ?Plants 1.0 & Effex 2.00.02 Demo (Bundled) including KrakatoaSR Bridge (KSR)? here
    2. Download this File from here (******)
    3. Follow Install Procedure inside the First Downloaded File (called ? installation_instructions.txt)
    4. Follow Install Procedure inside the second File downloaded (called ? install.txt)
    5. exchange the Demo files from DL1 with Cracked Files from DL2 ? should work, needs testing (dont installed it yet)”

    That’s it and it works perfectly

  4. Thanks, works perfectly with Fyyrio explanations !

    Does someone knows how to render without Krakatoa (seems to be possible according to Navi? description) ?

  5. Not working for me :( I tried everything. I tried following Fyyrio’s way – downloaded a demo from the website, and got a cracked mac files here. I copied the demo to the plugins folder (from preferences), shifted necessary files to library, replaced demo files with cracked ones. I’m not sure where to stick the KrakatoaSR_2.2.0.51871 folder, tried to copy it to plugins, library and applications. Basically, I get the Navie panel in c4d, but if I try to create an Effex scene, it gives me “Error reading resource file…” error, about 4 of them. Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Would much appreciate it.

  6. Yep, it installs ok, but it doesn’t work properly, as you cannot create a scene without getting errors as Creo described. The plant module works ok.

    Tried with R14 and R15. Also, make sure to remove Dpit 1.7 first if you have it installed or the naive menu won’t show.

  7. please help… it stills ask me for the SERIAL… i HAVE DONE EVERYTHING BUT CANT UNDERSTAND THE… HOSTID=000000000000 -> HOSTID=1234567890ABCDEF IM ON PC NOT ON MAC… OR WTF IS THAT?? WHAT DO I DO TO THE THINKBOX.LIC AND WHAT IS THIS??? Refer to how to license KSR at thinkboxsoftware.


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