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4 comments on “Faceshift Studio v1.2.00 – Win64

  1. Why post this piece of shit here? If anyone wants to throw 1.5k away, he\she will do it without you help. Who else may need a piece of shit, that requires annual subscription (!!!)? Go to the hell gridy bastards from faceshit!

    • Hm

      i wouldnt call this software a piece of shit.

      Can you tell me of another software that is doing this job that well (and is available for puplic and not any inhouse software…) ?

      yes its expensive, and i do not like the annual suscription either…but isnt that a good reason to post it here ?

  2. Thanks for this very useful , i 4 one think its in the right place ;)

  3. This is a prerelease version, which has not the same feature set as the current faceshift.

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