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16 comments on “NewTek LightWave v11.6 – Win64

  1. Apply the keygen on the file dll in windows 7
    then you can use lightwave in win 8 also. it
    change 1 byte in this file. remember to find
    the license.txt inside the directory c:/users/
    of windows 7 and copy it in the same of win

  2. Yep, this keygen doesn’t work under Windows 7 64 bit. Probably doesn’t work at all. And Lightwave 11.6 still isn’t finished yet, but anyway beta is stable and works better than 11.51 so, maybe someone can fix this poor keygen?

  3. As i have told you the keygen have problem to run on windows 8, but i have used it on win7 x64, so on my system work the keygen. i have patched the file dll and i have used it for run lightwave on windows 8. I have find the file .txt about the license in c:\users\ of win 7 and i have copied it in c:\program data\ of win 8. All ok, application run fine. But i think that in all ways this keygen have a little problem and it’s probably that is not compiled very well and may generate to some peoples problems.

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