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7 comments on “Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v4.0 Win/Mac/Linux – XFORCE

  1. hello!

    I can;t get the mac version to run beyond the PLE version.

    I copy the application over

    I over-wrote the frameworks file as instructed

    I created the immaginneering directory in my library dir to copy the license.

    it still launches as PLE. is there something else that i’m supposed to do? thx!

    • Hazy, I had the same problem but as I don`t give up untill I found the solution, here’s what is wrong and what to do:

      1.- There’s an extra “m” in the path informed by the X-Force team… I believe that it’s a typing accident, hehehe… so, it’s not “Immagineer” but “Imagineer”… but

      2.- The correct path it’s not /Library/Application Support/Imagineer Systems/FLEXlm/licensing, but /Library/Application Support/Imagineer Systems/FLEXlm/Licenses/

      I supose there is no need to say that this is the common path you can access from your HD Macintosh icon because If you create the directory in ~/Library from the finder menu will not work.

      • Let me explain how I discovered this… hehehe!

        My first doubt was about installing because you know the thing opens like a portable app, so there’s no real installation, magic folders and directories appearing and so on… so I decided that the official Imagineer System page had something to say about it… there I realized that the “installation” was just a drag and drop and there I found out too that there was just one “m” in the name of Imagineer Systems and that the last word in the right path is Licences, with “L” and not “licensing”.

        I hope you will rock now!! Cheers!!

  2. Thanks Claudibho. good detective work. Posting it up here will help others.

    • Of course, hazy! I’d like to find help like this in other posts but unfortunatelly not everybody comes back here to fix the information, hehehe. Sometimes we have to move to “the other site”, hahahaha for checking solutions :P

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