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11 comments on “Luxion Keyshot Pro Animation v5.0.98

    • It is necessary to clarify Luxion Keyshot Pro Animation Vr 5.0.98 Win32/Win64

  1. Problem.
    Downloaded the x64 from Rapidgator, ( two parts).
    When extracted there are two files, the installation program and the update.
    No crack or license for the installation.
    The update file alone generates an error message that the file is
    not a “valid win 32”.
    Is possible update for 64 and 32 switched?
    Thank you for the posting.

  2. Apologies. previous version installed with crack is 5.097,
    Attempts to install this version over older one does not work.
    This version does not include the “cracked” exe file.
    Did not try to totally uninstall and reinstall.
    Attempt to create a second installation resulted in program asking for
    licence file, no keygen for this version and program does not recognize previous.

    Sounds confusing but basically x64 version downloaded from rapidgator does not work

    • Disregard all posts from me, entirely my fault.
      Sorry for misunderstanding.
      Again my thanks

  3. First, most importantly, thank you for this.
    Second, apologies for cluttering this thread.
    Feel the need to explain.
    Version of program is not specified, it is 5.098.
    Also crack and program are separate download links.
    You must reinstall the cracked exe file and generate a new lic file
    for the program to work.
    Attempts to overinstall version 5.097 with this requires new exe file and lic ( crack).
    Again my thanks and apologies.

  4. Totally unrelated to the rendering engine, but related to the CG woman in the pic above: whoever made that female character is obviously an anatomy dilettante – look at the length of the hip area and where is the placed – but what it bugs me even more is that someone actually thought it’s good and it’s a good idea to put it up there for a supposedly professional piece of s/w.
    As a side note I’m a bit drunk. *burp*

    • Indeed, the hip area is a big vague and lacking some rhythmic curves (at least for my personal tastes). Umbilicus is also placed too low. But on the other side she got some sweet breasts, nicely accentuated by the suit design and fold pattern.

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