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10 comments on “The Foundry Mari 2.6v3 Win/Mac/Linux

  1. never possible to create the PORTABLE versione? Should be super cool! Thank you any way for all.

  2. I don’t mean to come off as ungrateful or complaining, but why on Earth do people upload these big programs in broken parts via file-sharing sites first instead of making these in torrent form first? It should be the other way around. Torrents are easier and faster to deal with, both as an uploader and a downloader, so they should be the first uploaded. After that, then you share the files with file-sharing sites.

    • here’s a torrent for The Foundri Mari 2.6v2 Mac/Win/Linux:

  3. Hey all, just wanted to mention that the licencing isn’t working on this, any work arounds?

    • in the torrent section ( are several comments with workarounds… but I still have to try them

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