2 comments on “Curse Studio – The Train Station Tutorial VrayForC4D

  1. hey – tough i think its a nice thing to let others learn from own skills by making tutorials … i realy think that one who obviously not knows what hes doing should not make tutorials and teach things absolutely wrong. that makes just more confusion. if you want to learn how to render with vray then watch something like mastering vray from grant warwick and not this crap. sorry but this is crap. dont do tutorials and teach all the guys who wants to learn just how to use some presets or tell them they got no AA when they dont use the AA-Filter… (omg) – and dont tell them just to increase specular subdivs by guessing them to 24… instead of that kind of guesswork: render you scene in small size, look at your reflection-pass and lighting pass, figure out whats causing the noise and put your subdivs where they are needed. and if your simple scene did not realy start to render after 1.5 hours then you might think about not using -3 / 0 in the IM – you realy dont need 0 if you got no absolutely fine details in your scene…

  2. and btw.. an antialiasing filter of 16×16 for a scene without super-high contrasts is crazy high… you will need 16×16 in just very rare cases if you dont abuse the AA sampler to clean up your noise. use it for edges and clean up the noise manually in the lights and glossiness-subdivs.

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