3 comments on “Gumroad – Anatomy Sculpting and ZBrush BPR Package by Frank Tzeng

  1. Suck tutorial !!!
    5.5h of Bullshit he do not show how he scult this face he only show some “tips”
    This is mainly BPR rendering in Zbrush!!!!!
    Not sculpting tutorial!!!!

    • So you want the guy to just hand over the results of all of his hard earned hours upon hours of work and discovery just like that? LOL

      There’s a saying where I come from “No avives giles porque se te echan encima.”
      Translation: “Don’t wise up fools or they’ll turn into your competition.”

      Just be thankful for that which is given to you. It’s not like YOU PAID FOR THIS.

      • what if i did pay for this? What if i was on gumroad and bought this waste of time tutorial? Everything the guy said is legit, illumin-butthurty

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